Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making haste slowly

The wedding quilt is making very slow progress. The star is now quilted and I have quilted in the American and Japanese Scout emblems. Next corner will get the groom's family crest. This is rather large to take along so has to wait for spare home time.

The Advent calendar is a bit more pressing because December is not all that far away. The hanging is all finished except for the sleeve and hanging rod.

The next two days I will be subbing at the Early Learning Center, then take off for Scout camping. I cut the wooden pieces for the decorations and will take them and my knife to camp where I can whittle them outdoors and not mess up my carpet. Sanding and painting shouldn't take all that long. I am beginning to think I might hit my deadline.

Meanwhile I am piecing the batik rainbow blocks. I carry them in my bag and, if I can get a seat on the train, I work on those. If not, I read. I have an idea of what I want to do with those blocks but there is no deadline or hurry.

The trains have a section of "Silver Seats". Those are reserved for aged passengers, handicapped, and pregnant women. I carry a silver pass, being in the first group, but in truth, those seats are always taken by the youngest and fastest passengers. My regular commute sees young girls putting on makeup, (even curling eyelashes on a moving train) students texting on their phones below the sign saying phones must be turned off in that section, students reading comics or playing gameboy, and young office workers sleeping or reading. Even on "Respect for the aged day" there was no possibility of sitting. After school the trains are a bit less crowded so I may sit as I go to my HS class. Then, it is back into town for choir practice and the last trip home will be sardine city express again. I'd guess two trips reading and two piecing... and a long blogging break.


  1. Hi, Julie ! ;>)
    Life caught me up, lately, but I'm happy taking some time to visit you...
    Delightful wedding quilt, with sooo many symbols (my favourite quilts), cuuute advent calendar, AND gorgeous Batiks rainbow blocks that are inspiring me to use all my Batiks. I have always been attracted by those wonderful vibrant colors and bought many through the years. Yet I wonder about their handquilting process : aren't they a bit "harder" to handquilt ? What do you think ?

    Have a lovely day, dear. ENJOY your quilting !

  2. I think I came in half way with the wedding quilt story. It looks lovely. All those autographed leaves appliqued along the border. Fabulous idea. And your quilting is amazing. The advent calendar is coming along well. Can't wait to see your wood working skills too. What can't you do? Surprised to hear that law abiding Japan has so many anarchists. Catch you when you return.

  3. The wedding quilt is so beautiful and will be a treasure. And the Advent calendar is going to be such a big hit. :) There's a lot to be said for doing your sewing by hand - I love doing it but want to make so many things that I head for the sewing machine instead. That's another thing about Japan where I thought one thing and find out it's just like America...Respect for older people isn't what it used to be. :( blessings, marlene

  4. The wedding quilt is beautiful. I remember those problems on the trains, although we didn't use them much. We usually drove the car wherever we went or took a trip with the MWR program and rode the bus, which is a nice relaxing way to travel.
    Enjoy!! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you do that by hand- it looks amazing.

  6. I'm enjoying your progress on your wedding quilt .... lovely work!

  7. I am intrigued to see the whole wedding quilt. If it's elsewhere on your blog, I haven't looked for it yet. The hand quilting is quite beautiful. You did a wonderful job on the advent calendar too, but I'm not sure I see where the pockets are. Are those the little wooden carvings in the baggie? Nice to know the silver pass is so well respected! Kids!