Sunday, January 23, 2011

Refreshed and moving on to the next project

This weekend was theWomen's Conference in the lovely hills of Izu Southwest of Tokyo. This yearly conference was started many years ago by missionary wives from all denominations all over Japan for a bit of relaxation, renewal and inspiration. Though not a missionary, I have been a hanger-on to these conferences over the years and as the years rolled by, many have retired and left Japan and many more non-missionaries have joined. This year the planning committee had movers and shakers from our sub-group which has almost become the majority.

The theme this year was Health and Healing Mind Body and Spirit. There were too many workshops to choose from and friends to do them with. The new banner as well as it's companion banner and the banner made a few years ago were all hung.

Although I did not go into a lot of detail about this year's banner, it had it's beginning years ago in a friendship forged at this conference. Carol Sack, a missionary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 1982 is involved in the field of Pastoral Harp through a project called Lyra Precaria. She and her colleagues offer prayerful presence through harp and voice, mainly to persons who might be ill or dying. For many years she has been asking (suggesting/nagging) me to make a banner of David. When I began to think of making a banner for this conference, I came across the printed Psalm fabric and thinking nothing could be better for healing than the Psalms, (and perhaps God was doing a bit of nagging as well) came up with the banner I have been working on the past few months.

Needless to say, the women, but more so, Carol were very pleased. Now Carol is doing classes and lectures all over Japan and was very happy to take over custody of that banner and it's companion. It seemed that was a better solution for everyone than having one more banner rolled up on a shelf most of the year. It will get used and enjoyed by many and if I ever have need of it, I know where it is. She has a class on the Psalms this week so the banner will not have to be stored at all. If it comes back to the conference, I do not have to bring it.

Of course there was take-along-work. I took a challenge to complete the blocks for the batik quilt and finished the last one this morning so I could lay them all out on the floor where there was a big space and no dog hair. There seems to be one orphan block left over. I have decided to finish this quilt for my Yonbanme. (fourth daughter) Just before leaving for the conference I learned she will be visiting in March so I did not spend a lot of time arranging the blocks. She will do a much better job of it than I ever would.

Now refreshed in mind, body and spirit, I have returned to finish the on-going projects and find more take-along work.


  1. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para ver as novidades...
    Gostei dos blocos... muito bonitos.
    Boa semana!
    ✿ܓܓ ♫
    •*• ♫° ·.

  2. Love it!! Both the conference and the blocks!!

  3. What a great story and those blocks are gorgeous!

  4. I'm so glad you had a good weekend! Did you get to soak in the hot bath as you hoped? The banner is gorgeous and what a wonderful picture to have her playing in front of it. I wondered what would happen to it after the conference...nice that it's now a traveling banner. :) Jerry and I went to Little Rock yesterday to the theater to see the musical production of The Color Purple. It was excellent! Then we stopped by to have dinner with old friends - from our high school days. I slept late this morning and we didn't even make it to church, but I'm hard at work now doing laundry and some cooking here and there. Wishing you a wonderful week! blessings, marlene

  5. Thanks for the lovely picture of the David banner with your friend and harp in front! A great image.

    Nice to learn about this group and the conference.

  6. Those blocks are sweet. Sounds like you have a wonderful time at those conferences. It is nice to come away being refreshed, isn't it :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

  7. It was nice to hear the story behind the quilt. And already there is another project waiting in the wings. I do like the look of this quilt too.

  8. The colors are so bright and cheery!

  9. Dear Julie,

    Found you!

    I am sad that you didn't get to share this lovely story of the quilt you made for this year. I actually didn't realise you had made a new one, because it blended so beautifully with the one you made for the Storytelling conference, 2 years ago.

    I'm thinking I should include a link to your post in the final email to be sent out to the attendees - would that be OK with you? I am sure many people would love to read the story behind the "decoration" that we gazed up at all weekend.

    Best wishes,

    And here's one of my blogs;