Monday, July 23, 2012

From Boston to the Northen border and back

It is amazing how much we have managed to squeeze in in such a short time!

Friday, Marie and I visited the Kaji Aso studio where there was a  Tanabata art exhibit and, among other things, a lovely Japanese garden and tea room.

There was an amazing selection of plantings. It was hard to believe I was half a world away from Japan.

Friday night we drove and drove and drove to the very most Northern tip of New Hampshire.          

The farther North we went, the more plentiful the signs to beware of moose crossing. Since the passenger seat where I was sitting is the driver's side in Japan, Zooming down a road labeled "Moose Ally" was a bit white-knuckle for me, even without control of the wheel or brake.

It was after midnight when we finally turned in for the night in a place called Pittsburg with a cabin along the shore of the First Connecticut Lake. The loons welcomed us with their plaintive calls and a soft bed was a perfect ending for a long day..

Driving North the next morning, what do you suppose we almost passed along the road?

Moose Country Quilting ! The quick thinking Son in Law pulled into the drive and so we had to go in and check it out.

I hardly need to add to my stash, since I will have to live to 200 to use up what I already have, but I found two fat quarters of polka-dot fabric that wanted to be added to a project I have in mind.

Our destination for the morning was the Fourth Connecticut Lake.
One does not get there entirely by driving.

We hiked up a long trail crossing back and forth across the border.  A bit of a down-hill at the end brought us to our destination. SIL, Tim, took an extra hike around the lake but the view was just perfect from the trail end and the scent of balsam in the air was heavenly.

Fresh moose  tracks along the trail did not crush this delicate Indian-pipe.

We canoed the Scott Bog looking for moose but didn't see any. We did get a good close-up view of a family of loons, their call echoing over the water.

The only moose we saw the whole trip are right there on my socks. Please notice that a few rows of piecing did get done.

The last big stop Sunday on the way back to Boston, (if meals don't count, that is....) was a trip through the lovely fabric displays at Keepsake Quilting.

I had been given a gift certificate from Susan Phillips at Now, that was just too good to pass up!  I love all the assortments of fat quarters this store has on display and had hoped to find a few more polka-dots to add to my collection.  No sets, but I found a few to add and ended up rounding off my purchase with what I think they call a jelly roll. I think these are intended for machine piecers but the size and selection seemed just right for a project I have in mind, a nice medley of fall colors.
So ... here I am with my treasure and my adviser and shopping coordinator. Did she help me decide? Yes, if I say "I kinda like that", she agrees with me that it is a good idea.

So... That was only the highlights of our weekend. Today we did a bit of poking around in stores. I am now fixed for jeans for the next few years. The time is speeding by and tomorrow I will take the final leg to Washington D.C.  

Without internet connection I have fallen behind on my blog-reading so if you have not heard from me I will be playing catch-up one of these days


  1. Wow, Julie. Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation.... Good for you!
    The trip to northern NH sounds exciting. I totally love getting as close as I can to a wilderness area.

  2. A wonderful trip with quilt shops as an extra bonus. The picture of the loon is beautiful. Thank you for taking us along through pictures!

  3. You are having such a great holiday/adventure/exciting stops/dangerous roads/ quilting shops/family time. Love the photos of the lake, enjoy it all. Cheers from Jean

  4. I have never been that far up north, definitely have to get up there, so beautiful and serene. We go moose hunting and the only one I saw was at a park, lol. You are having a wonderful adventure with your family.


  5. What a wonderful trip and to have someone else to do the driving.

  6. Looks like a wonderful trip. I've never been to the northeast. Too bad you didn't see any moose though! A few years ago we were snowshoeing in an area 45 minutes from our house and saw numerous moose. I was so delighted since it was my first time. Have wanted to see them again and have looked in many places known for moose sitings but to no avail.

  7. Hi Julie, I love reading your trip and the place is beautiful!!

    Hugs... sandra

  8. Oh Julie, thank you for sharing your trip, it sounds and looks wonderful. Your eye for nature is fanastic, those little Indian Pipes are amazing and I love the loons. Great haul of quilt shops too. Jelly rolls are such fun - all the colour co-ordinating is done for you and there's no reason why they have to be machined, you can do whatever you like with them, enjoy. Travel safely, I'm looking forward to reading more.

  9. I spent a lot of my childhood on the other side of the border from New Hampshire and I remember the joy I would have at finding Indian Pipes in the forest. I haven't seen one for years!

  10. so glad you are continuing to have a good time xx

  11. I love the natural beauty of New Hampshire and we usually make it up there to a lake for one week each summer.... But sadly not this summer! I enjoyed this post so much!

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and I'm so happy that you were able to make it to Keepsake Quilting!

  13. what a wonderful holiday. I love NH and Keepsake Quilting. Only been there once but what a treasure trove! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Looking forward to the next installment!

  14. Glad you are enjoying the US. Hiking, Japanese gardens...almost like home.

  15. Goodness! I'm out of breath. You are on quite a whirlwind visiting and traveling and seeing places that I can only dream about. I have been on Keepsake Quilting's mailing list for years and have dreamed of visiting them one day.
    So, those are Indian Pipes. There are some growing here in the campground and I did not know what they were. Happy Trails!