Monday, January 13, 2014

Something to be happy about....

I am so happy to have this piece finished.

All that is needed now is to add a hanging sleeve and remove a ton of dog hair.

I think I need to look over my left-over stash of panels because the size plus the three inches of border is almost a perfect fit for my coffee table.

I used the same gray color for the lettering as for the binding. I think it shows up well enough.

This promises to be a busy week so I am glad that I won't have to worry about finding time for this project.

The "Gala" quilt group meets Wednesday so I suppose there will be homework pending.

The Tokyo Dome quilt show is nearing and I am especially excited at the promise of meeting up with blogging friends one of those days.

And quilting class sign-ups are on Thursday.
I plan to go with samples and answers to any questions.

The other thing that is making me smile is this picture my son posted on the family blog today.

All that is missing of my Oregon bunch are two sons-in-law.

Kimie and Julie Alice made the trip from Portland with a car full of kids to visit Ken and Zia and baby Ryden in Grants Pass.

I wish I could have been a mouse in the corner but this picture is the next best thing to being there.

I hope this week brings you all some smiles too.


  1. what lovely smily faces to start the day with xx

  2. Your "to every thing there is a season" quilt is such a thoughtful gift particularly with the rainbow border. Happy kids and grand kids taking care of each other the way you taught them;).

  3. This is a lovely quilt Beautiful work.

  4. The wall hanging turned out beautifully ! We love quilts with inspirational sayings. The rainbow border was a perfect way to frame the piece. Also we enjoyed seeing the photo of your family - such beautiful smiles and beautiful kids - you must be so proud. I wish we could be among the bloggers you meet up with at Tokyo Dome. We'll be there in spirit and look forward to your photos.

  5. I like the wall hanging with the paler lettering - it doesn't give two bold things to confuse the eye - it gives a good resting place, and what better place to rest, than on those words. Love the whole thing.

    Oh - the family photo is wonderful - such happiness.

  6. LOVE your quilt - and the gray lettering and border - I think that gray is fast becoming my new favorite color. The photo of your family makes me smile - I wish that you could have been a mouse in the corner, too - ;))

  7. That is certainly a beautiful wall hanging. What a wonderful job you did and what a wonderful photo of your family.

  8. Your banner is beautiful, and so well balanced. I like the gray binding. I can't think of any color that would have been better. I am impressed with the way you can visualize how a project will look before it is done.

  9. So fun to see a photo of your wonderful family! Your banner is beautiful as always.

  10. What a great family! Wish you were with them. Enjoy the quilt show.

  11. Great quilt! I love the balance of fluent Japanese and straight English scripts, the colourful border and the gray binding. A job well done, Julie!
    Great too, to see you family smiling at you (via the camera).

  12. What a lovely family photo. I haven't been reading blogs for a while so I must start by wishing you a Happy New Year, may it be a year of good health, happy days and time with family. The words on your hanging are ideal for this time of year and you chose a perfect colour for the lettering, not too quiet, nor too loud. I am looking forward to reports from the Tokyo quilt show and to keeping up with you through the year. God bless you Julie.

  13. Great family picture. I'd love to know who belongs to who...

    Looking forward to the quilt show too!