Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Tokyo Dome show

Are you getting tired of this show? I have hardly begun to scratch the surface.
There were so many quilts that caught my eye.

I have only been to one quilt show in the States, and though I saw a lot of creative quilts, I also saw many quilts made from patterns I had seen in magazines or on other blogs. I have to say that other than the partnership quilt blocks, most quilts were much more the creation of the quilter.

Many quilters used these rather quiet colors such as in this "traditional" quilt ,

"Spring Breeze" by Ishihara-san.

This has a few bright colors but the basic tones are quiet.

By Tomoko Matsuno.

"Bloom" By Harumi Okawa

What a lot of work in each of the borders, let alone the center picture.

"My Garden"

by Masae Utsunomiya.

The title of this is "Pyrotechnics "

But those look like the quietest fireworks I have ever seen.

The designer and quilter is
Chieko Ishizue.

The lower half was in the shadow of the opposing wall.
(Unfortunately there were quite a few poorly lit quilts)

Roughly translated ...

This quilt by Sachiko Chiba.

(Yes, I might long to make a quilt like this)!

This "White Amaryllis"
is the creation of Kiyomi Takahashi.

Note the trapunto setting off those beautiful flower arrangements!

Another quiet quilt,

"Gift of Spring Breeze"
by Takako Nakamura.

Just look at the detail in the applique and quilting!

"L'espoire" by Sumiko Tachibana

And a detail shows there are bright colors but they don't take over the quilt.

"Mille Fleur" (The title was in katakana but that doesn't help me much)

This is by Kyoko Takemoto. and another detail to enjoy!

These were all from the "Traditional" category. 
Even the "Original" quilts had a few neutral toned quilts.

This "Twilight Scene" (roughly translated) is by Ishinami-san.

Another "Original" ... "Snowy Day" by Ando-san

Well, this is a lot of calming eye-candy to view. There were plenty of colorful quilts ... still on my camera and waiting for another post.

The Gala quilt is basted and waiting beside me ... with a DEADLINE ... so I'd better stop playing with my lap-top and get down to quilting. 


  1. Lovely! Thank you so much for taking the photos and taking the time to post them for us. It's interesting to see all of the quiet quilts.

  2. "Mille Fleur" is just gorgeous. I am SO impressed with what can be created with fabric and thread. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of the photos!

  3. Really stunning quilts and I do love how creative the quilters are, such beautiful work.


  4. Snowy Day, is my favourite, I cannot imagine the many hours of cutting, placing, and stitching, and then the quilting. Totally beauteous. Cheers from Jean ( p.s. if that isn't a proper word, it is now to describe these quilts!)

  5. not in the least bit bored .. just in awstruck admiration at all the work x

  6. Keep the photos coming , it is lovely to see work from so far away. Thank you

  7. I for one is NOT tired of the quilts. You have sorted the photos well and given us a variety of 'Japanese grey' this time. Keep the photos coming!

  8. A lovely post, so calming with all those muted colours. Well done on getting another selection of photos organised and titled, please keep them coming, I'm not tired of the quilt show at all.

  9. Amazing workmanship! They are all so gorgeous. How can any quilter get tired of viewing such inspiring artwork. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I am so impressed with this work! So much detail! It's really the opposite of "modern quilting" that's caught on in the US, no?

  11. Since going to Tokyo to attend this show in person is not in my budget, I will never get tired of the photos you post from that show. The workmanship is just awe inspiring.

  12. Keep the photos coming! Beautiful quilts. What detail...

  13. How could we ever tire of seeing such beautiful quilts............ Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Hello Julie,
    "mille fleur(s)" in French means "one thousand flowers".

  15. They are amazing Julie!! hugs...Sandra

  16. OMG these quilts are such works of art ! Thanks for sharing, dear Julie...
    Can't wait seeing your hand quilting progress on the Gala quilt. This is such a beautiful work of yours !


  17. Sorry Julie this comment was posted from my husband's IPad, that's why you van see his name (and picture) on my comment ;))