Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Busy days

Friday will be the first time my quilt group members meet at my house.

I have been in a cleaning frenzy ... trying to get things sorted out and put away in a place I can find them again when needed.

First step was to finish up Marie's Christmas present ... that she has been awaiting for over half a year.

I couldn't find a box the right size so I made one of tagboard.

Marie had requested indigo and sashiko.
The horse is her year on the oriental zodiac and
the "sashiko" which is quilted in, is the Fukuda family crest.

The other side has a dragon to represent her hubby, Tim.

The quilted sashiko is the kanji for "Fuku"

(same as in Fukuda, meaning good luck or fortune).

I couldn't guess what the box opening might be so I made a drawstring top.

Hopefully it will not be too large an opening.

I terminated the string pulls with a gathered flower print from one of the scraps.

This is a view of the bottom of the box.

The covers I have made for tissue boxes at home do not have bottoms but just pull over the top of the box.

I didn't quilt the bottom but I thought if it will not work with her purchased tissue boxes, she could use it as a little bag.

Since she had waited so long for her gift, I decided to add a bit and make her a paper holder ... not an owl but using the same yukata fabrics.

This was the result.

The holder I purchased is white.

This old yellowed one is on my wall.
I just had to try it out for fit.

I finished everything Saturday evening and packed it all in a small box, ready to take to the Post Office.
Monday morning, Nikko and I walked to the PO to send it off. On the way I remembered I had not enclosed a note or even a Christmas card.
Oh well, that's how things go.

Now I have been dusting and washing and trying to
eliminate as much dog hair as possible.

I still need to find places to put things I need to work on. I fear moving things out of sight might put them out of mind. I have a pending banner due the end of summer for the church "Rally Day"

Also three Eagle neckerchief slides to carve and paint. I did get the blanks cut out but having knives and blanks on the coffee table may not be necessary.

Today I dusted the little room under the stairs, ie the washroom.

That means a LOT of dusting!

All those owls had to be moved off, have their bodies washed, and the window ledge scrubbed down, and replaced in some form of order.

This is only one part of the room.

There are two owl clocks in here, many pictures (photos, prints, etchings ), containers of all sorts, a lantern hanging in the window, bells, lots of whistles, even a kite and plate on the wall.

From the window view there are type tray shelves with more owls, an owl macrame and an owl hanging vase on the wall and little crystal owls on the sink ledge.

The stuffed toy owl in the towel rack was a gift to Nikko but it hoots when moved and scares her.

The collection includes those made of wood, pottery, metal, basketry, seeds, cones, horn, bamboo, cloth, glass, macrame, beads, enamelware, lacquerware, and plaster.

There are many containers, a bank, lots of whistles and one bell.

More tiny owls.

Trying to clean the shelves and owls without taking the shelves off the wall ... well, I hope my quilting friends are so busy with their work that they don't look too closely.

I knew I had a lot ... and they tend to multiply, as friends seem to think of me when they see an owl and think I have to have another one... But I counted them as I cleaned their little faces and there were at least 145 just in this tiny space.

Would you feel watched in this place?

And ... they are not confined to that little nesting place.

The plant holder and white owl were made by my daughter, Kimie when she was in high school.

The lacquerware owl holds "Hanko" for when a delivery person comes to the door and needs a chop.

The windowsill seems to have gathered a few critters too and all of them get along with the cats and a monkey-year figure made by my SIL.

OK, enough of this!
Now I need to get back to cleaning!

Life is a hoot!


  1. That is a lot of dusting. I take it, you collect owls, such a wise bird. Beautiful box, have a great day with your quilting friends.

  2. I know that feeling, nothing like having guests to motivate me to clean, lol.
    Love your owl collection and fun how you have the displays in the bathroom. Mine is too moist, would ruin things so I just put things that i can wash or toss if I want to.


  3. You have more owls than I have sewing machines and teapots combined. They all look cute! The tissue cover came out cute. Nice TP cover, too. Have fun with your quilting friends.

  4. You win! I've acquired a lot of cat knick-knacks but not as many as your owl collection. That's a lot of dusting to do! That's the problem with these knick-knacks... They have to all be cleaned every so often...

  5. At least they are all quiet and house trained owls (I hope)! The collection is impressive and you seem to know each and every one of them.
    Your work with blue and white yukata fabric is awesome. The tissuebox cover will be admired by all and the loo will be a room everyone wants to go and spend a penny in!
    You make such beautiful, and useful, things!

  6. Oh wow, Just reading this is exhausting. Hope you had a lovely day. Love those indigo items you made!

  7. Your tissue box cover and paper holder are beautiful - and the drawstring top is genius! Love your owl collection, too! - ;))

  8. Great finish with the tissue holder and gift for your daughter. Lovely!
    I do hope you had a wonderful day with your quilting friends and that you relaxed after all that dusting.
    Your owl collection does look special.