Friday, April 6, 2018

It's taken some time...

Finally I have assembled enough blocks that I think can be turned into a single bed size quilt.

35 crumb blocks and 24 setting blocks are done and ready to be joined together.

I laid them out on the empty apartment floor and moved them around, trying to get a balance of color without getting the same fabrics in nearby blocks.

Then I pinned numbers on each one so I know where they are to be sewed in strips.

meanwhile, I am sewing small blocks for the outer border. I will need 20 of these side squares and have finished four.

Next I will see if I have enough of the purplish-black to do the outside triangles.

I have a bit more fabric in the same color but with a streaked print instead of blotchy like I have used so far.

If it doesn't make enough, I have some solid black. I'll just take it one step at a time.

I don't think it will be hard to make some kind of scrappy border ... maybe something solid, then something scrappy followed by another solid or print. This is really a "Plan-as-you-go" kind of challenge. I am happy to say that my marked and cut 1x2 inch squares are significantly reduced in number. The one-inch bits will be used in the side squares and I still have plenty.

Meanwhile, I have a scouting event both this weekend and next ... but tomorrow it is supposed to rain and I am now dealing with a rather severe leaking roof. At this point I am dithering over going at all, as there are surely others who can do my tasks (and could probably use the experience.)

The grape hyacinth is now enjoying a bit of spring in the weed lot on the corner. This is where there was knee-high grass a few years back.
Two years ago I planted tulip bulbs along the fence but the "plant vandal" ripped off the flowers and they haven't done well since. Two came up among these flowers but they will not bloom. I may dig them out and move them to a different place.
When these are finished, I will plant salvias. They bloom all summer and into the fall with no care at all and now there are volunteers coming up from seed. Pink-headed knotweed covers a lot of the gravel and keeps the rain from washing the dirt out onto the road.
I still get yelled at by Mr. Mori, who lives in the apartment on the other side of the fence, for burglerizing the weeds so I only pull a few at a time as I walk by. I am not sure why he preferred the knee-high weeds catching garbage and animal poop and plastic that held water and gave mosquitoes a good start. The house-owners in the neighborhood are happy with the new look. (and the owner of that triangle of land is living somewhere else and doesn't seem to care).


  1. The quilt is looking good. I'll leave the weed pulling to you. I'd never yell at someone pulling weeds anywhere near my home. It means that I don't have to do it (like that's going to happen anyways).

  2. That quilt is going to be so pretty. What a great job you’re doing on it. I love that spring is finally arriving in parts of the world :)

  3. This layout is wonderful, I do like the darker fabric there, it balances out the other colours so well. Grape Hyacinths, I have them here, a lovely little plant, and if I were you, I would keep on weeding as well.

  4. Time well spent - your quilt top looks terrific!! I like your little blocks at the edge - they disguise where the big blocks stop and start - ;))

  5. The top looks wonderful, love the mix of colors with the dark pieces.
    I hope you can get your leak fixed, not something fun to live with.
    I think the plants look beautiful and wonderful that you can sneak in some time to pull the weeds and plant something beautiful.


  6. I just love the look of this. The huge number of small pieces makes it seem to sparkle.

  7. I love your scrappy quilt! I have scraps bins that I should put to use. What did you say was the name of the pattern? Did you design it yourself?

  8. Brilliant quilt, it is amazing. Sad about the weeds, perhaps the gentleman like the weeds as a plant, I would keep on weeding. The grape hyacinths are pretty and they don't need looking after, just come back each year. Hope you are well Julie.

  9. Fantastic quilt! In spite of being very busy with all the scraps, the purplish gray keeps the colourful ones in check.
    Mr Weed is still at it, then?

  10. Great progress with your quilt. I think your plans for the border sound like they will be very suitable.
    Lovely to see the grape hyacinths. I am so pleased you continue your own way with the plants.

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