Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some things can't be fixed

I remember those days when I wondered if we could EVER eat a meal without jumping up to catch a spill. I used permanent press sheets for tablecloths so I wouldn't have to iron them every day.
Now that the kids are all grown up one might think the problem is solved. Ah, not so! Last week I had to wash the tablecloth three times ... spilled soup ... spilled tea ... curry that missed the plate.
I decided to use up some bits of hand-me-down projects to make place mats for myself, Papa, daughter and grand daughter and also son-in-law (who is very neat and doesn't really need one)
Today they made it to the table and after one meal, three messy mats and three blobs of stew on the tablecloth! Well, they look bright and cheerful anyway.
The person who gave me the cut out red pieces had made twelve so I guess I can decorate six more once I see how they wash ... which will be soon.

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