Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paul's "Big Boy" Quilt 2008

Started in April as a carry-along project, I went through my stash of greens and blues. I assembled 3 sizes into a 5" block and those were again combined to make a 10" block.

Designed to be sewed together, they just didn't work when laid out on Sue and Pete's living-room floor in June. At Sue and Cyndi's suggestion, the navy sashing and a blue+green border were added and Kimie helped with the arrangement during her July visit.

It didn't look like much of a "kids" quilt so I decided to use the zodiac animal towels for the reverse side. Paul made a trip to Ginza to pick up a dragon for the top border since little Paul is a dragon. To make the backing large enough I added a strip of dragonfly yukata fabric.

The idea is to have the family members sign their names and birthdays on the animals. I drafted the quilting design and made the templates. The idea was to have and interlocking pattern. I hope this will make up for his baby quilt which had become too small now that he has a big bed. 76" x 86" (193cm x 218.5 cm)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Leia's Quilt 2008

After swearing off hexagons forever, here I am back going going crazy again. Norie liked the I Spy I had made for Julie's boys and I didn't have to do any fabric shopping thus an alphabet for the center. I thought it only fair to put the Hiragana around the edge.

The plans changed when Norie wanted the 1 inch pieces added because the border was now too small. Kato-san gave me some fabric out of her stash of a similar color and the 1-10 counting filled those areas along with name in the upper right and date of birth in the lower left.

Norie got the organic cotton backing. It is soft and shows off my crooked quilting. From a technical standpoint this is the worst quilt I ever made. I was ready to toss it at several points. I hope my darling granddaughter will look at the love and not the imperfections.

68" x 82.5" (173 cm x 210cm)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ASIJ Quilt 2008

Cherry Blossoms in the Moonlight, completed and hung at the ELC February 26, 2008.

Since the auction date was chosen earlier than other years, we three, Me, Kendra and Jacqueline, met in June and discussed plans to make a smaller quilt designed to be hung on the wall.  A 4 panel screen seemed to be a good idea because the panels could be worked on individually and joined at the end.  We met again at the end of September and word was sent out to enlist helping hands.  Piecing was begun October 23, first cutting and arranging the background fabrics.  By Christmas break, the aplique had begun. There were a lot of petals both silk and cotton. Jacqueline did the embroidery on each flower.