Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Playing book club catch-up

I was getting behind with blocks for the Quilter's Book Club, though I had read the book and decided on the block pattern. Wedding Ring, by Emilie Richards is about a quilt made by a  grandmother, quilted by her daughter and being repaired by her granddaughter while they all sort out problems and relationships in their lives. A fourth woman in the story is being taught to quilt and her presence and problems seem to help the other three to face their own.

My plan was to try a wedding ring block, choosing different fabrics for each woman, scrap, vintage, coordinated tone-on-tone floral, and modern. I joined the rings with the "pickle" fabric I am trying to add to each block.
I used a darker tan in the center ... to go with other blocks ... not sure if it was a good idea not.

This is my first time to draft and attempt that pattern. The hardest part was getting those little segments in the right order. (reversing the four little templates or not, on the chosen fabric).

Sewing curves is getting easier but ironing all those seams is not my idea of a picnic.

With a trip coming up, I thought I might get one more block going for this month's book, Between Heaven and Texas, by Marie Bostwick. I looked through several books of block ideas, thinking of twins, or Texas, but most of what I found was either too simple or too complicated. Finally, I found a block that I liked called "Mary's block" and thought that would work with what I have so far.
After I had all the pieces marked and cut, I thought I'd just try sewing a little bit to see how it looked. Well, it must be some kind of addiction because I kept right on going and put the whole thing together.

Again I used the two paisleys plus a red-on-red and some sunflower print to represent Texas.

The tan background has baskets of farm produce.

I have to give a big thanks to my daughter, Julie Alice, who took time out of the busy family activities to teach me how to crop a picture.
(luckily, I took notes or I may not have succeeded).

So, here I am, all caught up with both reading and blocks with a few days left. Good thing too, because now I need to cut something else to work on during the trip!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Owl meets boy ...

and other reunion pictures.

Finally, the owl quilt met it's new owner.

I didn't hear any complaints.

A sign pen and the zodiac list went along so other relatives can sign the back too.

As you can see, this "baby" quilt leaves a lot of room to grow.

Minnesota provided a week of beautiful weather and visits with more relatives than I can remember.

I had a good visit with my younger brother and sisters. Both my sisters are quilters and while one worked on a baby quilt for her newest grandchild, the other helped add quilting to the owl's border.

Four out of six kids made it to Minnesota.

It was fun having this gang together. We missed Ken's gang as he was on fire duty and Norie's remaining in Tokyo.

Maybe in three more years we can make it all together.
In Oregon we hiked and enjoyed nature,

Ben and Ken with Ryden

Naomi in the oak forest.

Irene, Kimie and Ryden....

And all the rest.

Two weeks just flew by.

I got my "book fix" at Powell"s Books.
I finished my book club book and am thinking of a quilt block to make for that one. Meanwhile I finished a second book, "Tallgrass" by Sandra Dallas, recommended by another blogging friend.

The worst of the heat was over when I returned to Tokyo. Construction has begun on the lot across the street. Yesterday was bulldozer work all day and today there is loud vibrations as a machine compacts the dirt and added gravel.

My little flowers seem happy to be getting full sun ... even if they will soon be shaded by a house. They don't appear to be bothered by all the noise.

Tomorrow I will attend a craft show with friends.
Then our choir will leave for Tohoku, where we will sing in a service to dedicate one of our sister churches that we have helped restore. Never a dull moment!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Owl is ready and waiting

This afternoon, my eldest daughter and I visited a tennis court to hang the owl quilt for a picture.

While in Minnesota, I searched out some interesting leaves to trace and quilt into the empty spaces in the background.  One of my sisters came around to visit several times and put some quilting into the border while we talked.
I think the finished size is about 68"x 84". I hope the little guy will be able to use it a long time, as it isn't too babyish.

While at the family reunion, I had our relatives sign the back side on their zodiac animal. I didn't get signatures from all hundred or so but most of the closest relatives did sign.

I wonder how many Ryden will meet some day.

Maybe next post, there will be a picture of the little guy on this quilt. You never know.....

Check out my daughter's blog for a few close-up pictures here.