Saturday, April 8, 2023

A small finish

My zoom quilt is still on the inner border with about halfway left to go. What is needed to finish is more time on my sofa. It is not something to be carried around, and my past week had little sitting time.

Son Jon, and his son, Kai, came for a short visit. We had some mornings together before I had to run  off to work, and some evening wrap ups before hitting the sack. Some mornings were extra short to fit in visits to the clinic, some zoom gatherings got lost in the shuffle, and church activities snatched up extra time as well. Though the back treatment is painful, the results are getting better and I am not tossing and turning all night anymore trying to find a pain-free position to sleep in.

Jon had three day events with his high school class reunion, but our time together was all quality time, even being rather short. They left the 6th while I was at school. It was just as well, because I had choir practice both Thursday and Friday followed by worship services. There was no time to go home after school, but a bit of spare time for a small quilt to piece and finish off. I made this one for some very kind neighbors who had invited me to their house for coffee and cake and a nice visit. Their home stands on what used to be the "weed lot" and now is decorated with many climbing roses and other flowers. The couple both speak English fluently and are a fine addition to the neighborhood. 

With my pending schedule, it will most likely be 5 days more before I can get back to working  on the Zoom quilt border. I was reminded when working on this small piece, how much easier it is to baste and quilt without a hoop. The stitches are much more even and smaller and turning curved lines, not a wrestling match.

The Easter bunny will be enjoying his year of the rabbit tomorrow, and I hope my quilting friends will have a hoppy day too.