Thursday, December 24, 2009

Toilet Paper Dispenser Cozy 2009

An end of the year series of small stuff. With a large quilt being held up while I look for fabric is a specific size and color, I began a few small projects for take along work.

First came a new pair of eyes to join the owl collection in the little room off the genkan.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Advent Calendar 2009

With Kimie's name on my Christmas list and Naomi's quilt finished, I began to think of something I could make and decided on an Advent Calendar. Earlier ones had not held up well. Felt was mother-eaten and ornaments fallen apart. I decided to try carving wooden ones and making the hanging of cotton fabric from my stash. I pieced the border instead of using ribbon. The cotton numbers on the pockets were a bigger challenge than felt. They looked a bit better lined and quilted. The green and red fabric was a bit darker than I might have liked, but it was what I had enough of in my stash.

I cut the wooden pieces and carried them camping where wood chips didn't make such a mess. Half a paper clip was glued in for the hanging loop. Panted with acrylic colors and varnish.

Completed 11-25-09
17 1/2" x 36" (44.5 cm x 91cm)

One piece I made (the harp) broke so I decided to make a Mejiro for my tori-doshi kid.

I felt bad half-way through because Julie has asked me to make her one for the last 9 years, but she told me not to worry. I'm glad I finished the project.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Naomi's Quilt 2009

Since Julie asked for something really "Girly" I found a lovely batik at Kinkado. Unfortunately there was not enough left on the bolt to cut all the sashings. After looking all over online, I gave up and bought a floral. However, after sewing together a number of blocks I didn't like the results so I un-stitched the parts.

During the summer trip to Portland, Julie and I found this pink batik at a fabric shop. I also bought the black alphabet print which I ended up using instead of 4 1 inch block.

Since my stash of 1 inch prints is getting low after Leia's and Irene's quilts I could only come up with 3 inches of blocks for the border. I found some beautiful prints for the border. I found some beautiful prints for the back, but ended up going for something a bit cheaper.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Table Cloth 2009

With pieces of fabric left over from a larger version, I pieced a table cloth that I hope might hide the constant spills. The first cloth was made to use when the table had all three leaves but will never be used in this tiny room. The fabric was purchased at Keepsake Quilters while spending a Mother's Day gift coupon. The cloth was promptly baptized with a cup of sauce. Luckily it washes well.