Tuesday, December 18, 2018

One month gone!

Where has time gone?
There was lots of practice for music events. Our "Choir Sunday"(where the choir presents music in place of the regular sermon for two services) was followed a week later with a "Charity Concert" where both our choir and some small group pieces were part of the program.

Tossed in between was school, Scouts, and assorted meetings, snatching up bits of travel time and participation.

Finally this week I was able to finish off the last of the big-stitch quilting on all 80 blocks, and quilt one border. Getting those stitches relatively even was a challenge and some of the blocks seemed to be like stitching through canvass. Many were stab-stitched and my fingers have never been so sore.

Now I am chugging along on the border and hoping to get this out of the way and into the mail.

My newest granddaughter, Phoebe Mae, arrived on December first and her baby quilt is still sitting in a long list of work needing to be done. I am hoping to find a bit of time to do prep-work that can be carried along. 
Meanwhile the whole house is the messiest it has ever been. Just about the time I get one part organized, it gets all stirred up while looking for something I had right in front of me the day before.
No Christmas decorations this year .. no place to put them ... but I will have to clear a space to greet the cookie fairy who will come and do her magic on Friday night and Saturday morning. The end of the year will see church events filling plenty of time Sunday choir, Onigiri delivery on Monday morning and choir participation in two Christmas eve services, then another service on Christmas followed by a lunch. At least school for me is out for the rest of the year. Most of the leaves in my garden have been swept from the street and it is too cold to be pulling weeds... so, quilting and cleaning will finish up my year. Will Kai's Big-boy quilt be added to my year's total? Only time will tell...