Sunday, April 8, 2007

ASIJ Quilt 2007

Again Kendra, Jacqueline and I sat down to plan the projet.  The theme of the "Blue Dragon" had been chosen by the Auction Committee.  We through we would try a free style and I sketched out a plan.  After piecing the small sections we met to arrange them using a large piece of pink paper marked with a two inch grid.

This process made more work for the three of us but we were able to keep the volunteers busy.  With spring break coming, we began to get concerned about completing the quilting in time to hang the quilt so Kendra called a few all day sessions.  We met again at her house to finish marking the border and a good turn-out made quilting and bias turning go quickly.

I quilted the dragon and background on off days.

Completed 4-9-07.  The lucky bidder was Montana Griffin ar 1,2000,000 yen!