Sunday, July 30, 2017

Portland activities

Just the day before I got to Portland, Ken was called away to fire duty. We did get in a few words with him but being in the middle of a vast forrest, the call was spotty at best.

Zia and Ryden drove with a friend all the way up from Grant's Pass so we could have time together.
The girls remembered Ryden's love for the zoo so off it was to check out the animals.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Colorado to Portland

As Tuesday was travel day, after getting my things packed up on Monday, we set out to enjoy the last sunset

It is only a short walk down the driveway and across the street to the lake.

Even those who live along this road and can enjoy the scene every day were out ... walking the family dog ... or taking a stroll along the lakefront.

Imagine having this view to enjoy daily.

Jon had picked up this elk horn cribbage board, so each evening we had to try it out with a game.
Finally, the third evening I made a win ... but not by much. These days I find very few people who are familiar with the game.

Tuesday was a flying day ... from Boulder to Portland. 
                                               I was met at the airport by Kimie and Irene.
                                                      We were joined for dinner by Julie Junior, Lucien, and Naomi The boys being away at camp.

Next day ...Fabric Depot
                    To find bias tape for the table runner binding ....
                                     Then off to Leach Botanical Garden ... Parks and gardens ... in the genes of our family.....

and, before dinner, a short taste of music by Naomi.  Every bit as wonderful as the sunset!

Monday, July 24, 2017

A sunny Sunday in Colorado Part 3

Sunday morning we checked out of the cabin in Estes Park.

This is the room I was sleeping in with a quilt on the bed.

I noticed summer cabins in Minnesota also had quilts on all the beds.

I don't know where these were made but no quilt police around ... 

If you ever begin to feel your quilting stitches are inferior, you have only to check these out.

I have heard of something called "large stitch quilting" but not too sure thin is what it means. Certainly the stitches were not only large but widely placed as well.

The rustic cabin furniture was made of very heavy wood.

Even the chairs around the dining table were difficult to move.

In the morning we had planned to do some scenic hiking in the Rocky Mountain Park, and set out early hoping to get a good parking space.
Back over the mountain pass and over the tree line ...

Herds of deer ... or elk covered the grassy areas.

One antlered male and lots of old and young family...

After entering the park and driving along the park roads into the trail heads ...

The road was blocked! 
Parking full
Name not on the list 

turn around and drive back toward the entrance.

Next was plan "B", another hiking trail in a different area. We set  off up another road only to be turned back short of our destination by a full parking lot.

I am still wondering why the entry gate did not mention that there was no parking and those areas were all closed to visitors before taking the entrance fee.

Luckily my senior pass at least saved us that expense ... except for gas.

We did enjoy the scenery as we headed out of the park and back to the Longmont area for a day trip to Button Rock Dam. It may have been plan "C" but if you like rocks and trees and water, it was a great choice and I can't imagine plans A or B being any better.

The hiking road was wide and sunny but the view around every bend of the river was lovely.

.I have to admit, I came home with a few very pretty sparkling rocks.

There were swallows nesting among the cliffs of rock and the cool sound of rushing water.

At the base of the dam there was an outlet with gushing water casting spray in the trees below. Cool and refreshing but too noisy to talk.

We decided to climb the rest of the way up to the top of the dam, stopping in the shade of some pines to eat out lunch.

The Ralph Price reservoir above the dam supplies the water for the Longmont area where my son and his family are living.

The trails were wide and rocky with very little shade. We grabbed what shade we could before making the return trip.

Since we had scrambled up the rocky hill to the top of the dam, we decided to tale the wide smooth road back down.

The view from the bridge shows the overflow stream.

Lots of water running in all directions...

And sunlight glittering on the pines.

It was a lovely way to spend the weekend ... even if the first part didn't pan out.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

An Oregon quickie

I still have two posts worth of pictures ...
or maybe three from the days in Colorado.

Now I have managed to add several more days of pictures with the Oregon gang.

Today was a trip to the Portland zoo and the Audubon Society and lots of family time.

The table runner now has a binding and I will try to make a label for the back ... if I can find time ... so I can give it with thanks to my dog-caregivers.
There have been a number of challenges I never intended them to face.

Internet access here is not readily available so I am hoping my memory will last until I am back inTokyo

This picture was taken at the zoo with Ryden and Irene, the two youngest of the grand kids ... and are they ever grand!
More to come ...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Into thin air ... Rockies Part 2

Saturday morning we took off up Trail Ridge Road, over the continental divide, to Grand Lake.

The day was sunny and bright in spite of earlier predictions of rain.

The scenery was grand and ever-changing.

There were lots of pull-overs and plenty to enjoy as each level had different vegetation.

The rocks had a wide variety of shape and color

and above the tree line the slopes  seemed to be
covered with grass and in some areas, elk were grazing.

Our destination was Grand Lake  on the other side of the continental divide.

Here we enjoyed a picnic lunch and the gang set out on their paddle-boards to enjoy the water.

Maria and Mailie shared a board ...

Kai had his own, as did Jon.

They were soon little specks, far from the shore.

I chose to stay in the patch of shade under the ponderosa pines and do some work on the quilted foot-prints   ... and take a few photos of the trees and wild flowers.

After all had had their fill of sun and fun, we went into town and took a walk, looking in assorted shops. I found a lovely pair of earrings that Jon bought me. Then ...

What should we see along the road ....

A quilt show!

Well, we could hardly pass that by ...

The "Peaks 'n Pines Quilt Guild" was holding their 7th annual quilt show.

We were each given a slip of paper to vote on our Viewer's Choice for each category and best of show.

There were quilts for sale and a number of other handmade items.

Of course the quilters were friendly.

We stopped at another little quilt shop in the town on the way back to the car.  The owner had a long-arm machine working in one room, run by computer. She also had a wide selection of fabric.

So, though I really don't need any more fabric,

This is what I have added to my collection:

4 black and white fabrics selected by Kai for his "Big Boy" quilt.

1 animal Christmas print for my I-Spy collection

(these, bought in town where I went to buy blue thread to mend thorn damage to my pants)

Then from the rockies ... a blue and tan textured print

and a number print ... also for the I-Spy collection.

(In total, 8 fat quarters) Well, when I make the last stop in Portland and unload all the stuff Norie sent to Ryden and the girls, I will need something to keep my stuff from rattling around in my suitcase. So, maybe I'll just look at this as additional packing.....

Dinner ... hot tub ... movie ... and bed were on the agenda. I chose dinner and quilting and bed.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Off to the Rockies part 1

Friday afternoon, after the car was packed, we set off in the direction of the distant mountains.

Though earlier in the week, rain had been predicted ...

we couldn't have asked for better weather.
Our first stop was Estes Park where we had a cabin arranged for two nights.

After unloading our things, we set off to look around the town ... a very touristy place.

There was a show of vintage cars along the street and loud vintage music playing.
We walked the length of the street, down and back, checking out the cars.

A 1946 Ford

                       A Mustang .....

The hood ornament on a 1978 Corvette

A pretty blue Chevy ...

When I was growing up, we had a Plymouth station wagon with wood panelling...

not this brand but quite similar in color and style.

Seeing this brought back many memories.

And how about the fancy hub caps on this Thunderbird....

We ate dinner at a restaurant in town and this was the view from the lower deck.

There were families of ducks , adults, juveniles, and families with chicks.

Not very easy to get a picture as all including the chicks were diving under water  ...

now you see it, now you don't ... only a round ripple where it once was.

The dinner was good but the servings were HUGE. I was hardly able to make a dent in the large serving, and even taking the remainder back to the cabin, it was just too much for even a second meal.

We returned to our cabin for an evening family video ... something about knights and jousting...
and then to bed to rest up for the next day.