Thursday, December 22, 2022

Time for an update

My Ohio Star Log Cabin was finished November 13th and went directly to my futon. Though this time of year, I am usually sleeping in a military "extreme cold" sleeping bag, this quilt over a fleece blanket that came from my Portland family, and a light down throw on top to protect the quilt from excess sun, makes a nice toasty sleeping nest.

This month, I have added two small Christmas pieces.
These both went to church friends,
This one to a member who has given me money to pay for gas as I drive to town for onigiri delivery.

The second one to a fellow onigiri deliverer who came in the early morning to rescue me when my car battery died and I had to travel to town by train. She caught up with me and showed me how to find the right exit in the maze of Shibuya station.

 These two are my angels, thus the center block.
I figured this might make a small table center or even a warm lap rug.
Just a small thank you for their kindness.

Tuesday was the last day of school for me, so hopefully a bit of time to tidy up my messy livingroom and get my sewing things organized before beginning a new project.There will be two Christmas eve services to sing with the choir. I don't enjoy riding the crowded trains at that time of night, but singing together after such a long break is such a joy. 
Warmest holiday wishes to you all.