Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mitsukoshi Quilt Show 2010

This afternoon I took a trip to Mitsukoshi Department Store to view the works of 100 Japanese quilters. Many were made with beautiful kimono fabrics. Most of them were quite stunning and, I think, intended as wall art rather than ever to be placed on a bed. (Though I can't ever imagine having a wall space that big!) I walked through the exhibition to the end and without exiting, walked bach to the start and did it again. At the end there was a book to buy but at over 20 dollars, a bit too far out of my range. I did store a few ideas in my brain for inspiration.


  1. That sounds a wonderful exhibition, did you take any photographs?

  2. I could almost picture Yasuko's on a bed. I've seen her use past exhibition entrys as bed covers in the summer house. If you ever want to borrow the book for a bit let me know.

  3. Hey Julie, I was there too, on a Thursday. Actually I took a few pic & then stop as I thought people were staring at me. I realised that no one else was taking pics so probably, no photos allowed !