Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday progress

Today we basted the quilt. We had to lay it out on the floor because the school multipurpose room was not available. I did not take pictures of six or seven mothers on their knees in an apartment kitchen getting that sandwich together.
I'm sure anyone who has done that task can figure out what it looked like.

Now the quilt has followed me home and I will work on the crests in the plain blue blocks and maybe finish the quilting on the middle blocks that will be more difficult to reach when we meet next week around a table.

The batting is thinsulate which is easy to quilt but a bit thicker than I might like. I wish I had not started in the middle as I am finding it hard to adjust the stitch size so that the design will show well. I do not think my usual sized stitches will go through with enough regularity. If we have enough time at the end, I may do some of this over.

Our master piecer joined the borders so perfectly. I am in awe! ( and ironed all the seams.) Kendra, you are a wizard! So ... off we go ... five weeks ... is that right?


  1. WOW, Judy, I missed your last posts, and now I see this BEAUTY ! It's gorgeous, and sooo elegant. Congratulations, dear !


  2. Wow a stunning quilt is the bottom motif the one your putting on the dark blue blocks if so I just love it. It is fantastic to make a group quilt and use joint expertise the outcome is truly amazing

  3. That's a beautiful quilt, Judy! I especially like the border treatment, it sets off the blocks beautifully.

    You asked about my African fabrics - there's a little guy here (in Maryland) from some part of Africa who imports the fabrics, through someone in New York. He gets a new delivery approximately every two weeks and his prices are really reasonable, so I usually get a bunch when I go. Also, sometimes JoAnn's will have ethnic fabrics.


  4. That is so beautiful! I can't wait to see it quilted...

  5. I can't wait to see when it is all done. Looks great.

  6. Hi Julie!!! I'm still here!

    This is a gorgeous quilt. The setting is just right and the border compliments but does not compete. Beautiful!

    ~ Ronda

  7. It's going to be so beautiful Julie. I hand quilted a mug rug last week and had forgotten how much I loved doing that. The big quilts are too much for me but little things are a delight. blessings, marlene

  8. This is gorgeous, Julie! I love the kimonos. Your hand-stitching is so perfect and even. I am in awe!