Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The queen of procrastination bites the bullet

Each year, in early September, our church holds a "Rally Day". After the service, during the fellowship hour, displays of all the assorted ministries of the church are set out so members new and old can see what is going on and perhaps sign up to be part of the action. Thus, several weeks ago, the rally day committee sat down to discuss and pick out a theme. As I did last year, I will make a banner to hang in the front portico for the year.

The first discussion was the scripture. What was selected was Matthew 6:21, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also". Next, the committee wanted to include in the logo, a heart, a cross, a view of Tokyo Union Church, and the stained glass window.

The next week I brought my camera and took some pictures of the window. This window was created by Keiko Miura. She is a Christian artist from Osaka. The full window rises 21 meters and symbolizes "The descent of the Holy Spirit at the baptism of Jesus (Luke 3: 21-22)." (there used to be a baptismal font made from native stone at the foot of the window but that has since been moved)

Assembling assorted photos and sketches of the church, I worked on a logo to present to the committee and a banner design for the entryway.

To be sure, the committee has lots of opinions but they are not artists so what one brings home from meetings are just piles of words.

I made a few sketches but did not make it to the next committee meeting. The only comments came back through my husband who was there and says someone on he committee thought that more of the church building should be shown.

In my opinion, that building has a very distinct tower and anyone would know it seeing only that much. I further think the cross should be the focus rather than the building itself. This bit of a conflict causes me to procrastinate even more.

However ... deadlines weigh heavily and in another week I will be camping on Mt. Fuji with the Boy Scouts. Then comes Vacation Bible School upon return. If I don't get started this week, I will have a big rush at the last minute and THAT is something with which I do not deal well. I guess one of the best parts about getting old is that you find out how to avoid the things you absolutely hate.

Well, the window is truly beautiful and an inspiration with all the assorted blues and purples and greens. I dug out my box of batiks and started pulling out bits of fabric that were big enough to use.

I also drafted sections as seen in the window. I have it partly sewed and the rest kind of laid out. There are a few tricky places around the tower but I was more interested in getting the fabric to work. I think if I baste this stuff in place, it can travel to camp and I will have time to get it far enough along.

Shall I add black around the stained glass blocks and the heart? I will still need to add the Bible verse above and below the heart. I know that will take some time toward the end. I only hope I will not have to do a rush job and that forces me to bite the bullet now. After all, God is watching!

I am wondering what the person who wants more of the building to show will say in the end. I do know what my father would reply, "Here! Do you want the hat?" There was hardly a stampede of people rushing to volunteer for the task.


  1. I like your father's saying- I may use that sometime. The quilt looks lovely so far!

  2. I agree with your Dad. The truth is that you are doing looks wonderful. Whoever complained that there wasn't enough of the church building showing may have even forgotten the comment by the time they see your work and if it bothers them let them volunteer next year! I think you have done an amazing job!!!!! And all by hand too!!!!!

  3. Hi Julie!
    Oh, I like it so far, too. And you have captured the unique shape of the church so that anyone who sees the banner will recognize the structure. After all, it isn't actually about the building, right?

    Yes, I would add the black around your elements as it will beautifully mimic the stained glass window. LOVE your batiks.
    (aka last-minute-lucy... nice to have audience with the queen) ;-)

  4. Julie this banner is going to be beautiful - amazingly so. Yes, add black. It will set off those beautiful colors you've chosen. How will you do the verse...embroidery or applique? As for the person who wanted more of the building - as you said they aren't artists. We all like to give advice even when we really ought not to. I know because I'm very good at it. :) blessings, marlene

  5. I agree a tiny addition of black would be good. And as the person doing all the work, you get the final decision in my book.

  6. Looks to me that you are doing a GOOD job, considering that everyone else's contributions are just words. I don't think this responsibility is an easy task--so many elements to include. And how big is the banner to be?

  7. It's beautiful Julie. Your rendering of the stained glass is superb.

  8. Hi.
    This quilt are going to be beautifull. I would have used a little black. It sometimes "lift" the quilts.
    Hugs :-)

  9. I would absolutely not add more of the building. You are doing the right thing, I think, by making the cross the focus and letting those lovely blues shine through. I've found the problem with changing things just for one person is that it probably made everyone who didn't say anything happy and now you've caused them concern. Can't wait to see more of this!

  10. I love what you have done, it is gorgeous. I don't know on the black, it really looks like a piece of art, the way you have done it, so not sure if the black would totally change the look?


  11. It looks great. Maybe some black around the heart and building part to make it more distinctive? The stained glass is lovely (yours and the churches).

  12. It's beautiful! How can they not like your banner once it is done? Adding the black would make it more distinct, but I like the way the heart blends into the glass behind it.

  13. Yes to some black and yes to going your own way in the design - I really like what you have done so far. That is a splendid stained glass window and I am amazed how well you have transferred the idea.