Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Banner Day!

Have you ever heard the expression, "Busier than a one-arm paper-hanger"? Well, that seems to describe my week so far. Monday began with the usual wee-hour start for rice patrol, then putting my gear back to the car. ( had put baby seat and camping gear into the house to make room for passengers to the conference). Then a date to meet a friend for most of the rest of the day. Tuesday was a work day on the auction quilt and my English class. Meanwhile, when I returned from the conference, the fridge was making lots of noise and though it stopped or got less from time to time, I asked my husband to call the repairman. The fridge has reached the 13 year point and after 9 years they stop making parts. If we wait too long to have it fixed, we might have to pay to have it replaced That visit being set for Thursday, I decided to take in the Tokyo Dome quilt show while I had time to spend.

So, here I am, the week more than half gone, and yet to report on the Conference class.

I am so grateful for the advice and also the encouragement from my blogging friends. The class went fine and you can see on the left, all the work that got done. I didn't count the attendees but it seemed there were perhaps more than 15 or so. Some were real beginners at sewing and maybe some could have taught the class. I let them select any colored strips they wanted to put together. It seems the total effect is balanced enough. We managed to get signatures of all and two borders have been added. I plan to finish off the top and bottom border, binding, and quilting and we will hang it at next years conference.

The day started off with snow and the weekend was cold, gray, and rainy. I usually take advantage of the location to pick "Sugi" flowers. Pollen from the male Cryptomeria flowers is wind borne and responsible for severe allergies each spring. I pick the flowers and make a tea by boiling them. I do not have that allergy but my husband has gone from great suffering in the past, to barely a sniffle, even last year which was a boon year for pollen.

The rain stopped and a hint of sun emerged as we left the conference. Suddenly Fuji-San appeared and I was able to pull off the highway so everyone could get out and snap a few photos.
I must have tons of pictures of Fuji but couldn't resist one more.

Wednesday I set off to the Tokyo Dome. Here is a shot taken from the upper deck where one enters the arena. Look at those crowds!

I found there were fewer restrictions on picture taking this year.

Then, again, look at the challenges faced when trying to get a picture!

How many cell-phone cameras can you count?

I was holding the camera up above the crowd. I never did get close enough to see what they were photographing but a lady in the back told me it was a quilt with a connection to some celebrity.

Although this is supposed to be an "international" quilt show, there were very few labels with any English at all (other than international entries). If I show a picture, I would like to give credit to the artist and some I copied down the names in kanji and will ask my husband to read them for me before I post.

In general, it was a better arranged show than former years. I understand I selected the most crowded day, according to some friends with vendor stalls. It was HOT. (over-heated to the max) There is a lot of walking and though I stayed until the visitors thinned a bit, my back was just too tired to walk another step.

I took the train the long way around the loop just so I could sit on the way home. No view of Fuji, I had my nose in a book on Hawaiian quilts ... yes, I broke down and spent the money my husband gave me for a snack on a book I don't need... quilt history... just jumped off that shelf and I had to pay or get caught shop-lifting.


  1. That show looks humongous! I'm happy to hear your banner worked out well. And I would have a zillion pictures of Fuji-San if I had the opportunity!

  2. love the banner! oh how exciting to be at that show
    of course we want to know the name of the book you bought! I am intrigued with hawaiian quilts right now!

  3. SOOO glad all went can STOP werritting yourself now xx Gosh that looks crowded, I dont like it when its like fun at all xx enjoy your book x

  4. Hi.
    I'm soo happy it went well :-) But I know it would do it...
    Great photo of Fuji-San, so diffrent from what I use to see :-)
    The quilt show must be fun , but there was a lot of peoples :-):-)
    Hugs from Laila

  5. lovely photo Julie, know the feeling of being wore out while at a quilt show.

  6. The banner is lovely Julie - I love the way you took several ideas and merged them to come up with this design. It reminds me of that saying, "it takes a village." Quilters sharing with other quilters always makes me smile. I know the quilt show in Tokyo must have been wonderful. I don't' do crowds like that very well any more. I get a bit claustrophobic I guess but it is so frustrating when you can't get close enough to really see and appreciate the quilts. And since I'm having some back problems I can't walk or stand for long periods of time. I try to view quilt shops as mini quilt shows...they always have beautiful samples to see. I'm headed back to Louisiana to work at the mission for the next month. But I have internet there so I'll be posting and reading blogs in the evenings. And stitching. I've gathered up enough projects to take with me that it would take me way more than one month to finish. :) blessings, marlene

  7. fabulous banner julie - how wonderful it looks and you must be feeling just a trifle chuffed with yourself for such a finish - well done you. that quilt show is mad!! i never did coincide my trips to japan with the show at the tokyo dome - one of these days though...

  8. Lucky you to see the show. I have seen some quilts from other blogs and love the ones done with the Japanese taupes and always love seeing what Yoko Saito has made.


  9. The banner turned out nicely, I'm glad you went with that design. I love a good quilt show but... that looks like too many people for me! I'm glad you enjoyed it though.

  10. Darn, another new book to read on quilting. I'm sure you will manage to suffer thru it somehow. ; ) No quilt shows around here until March. There is a quilting shop hop in two weeks. Need/want anything? I'll be visiting 7-8 shops in one day. Fun!

  11. I'm just catching up with all your news Julie. I love the Still Waters quilt, you have all done such a good job on it, what a great project. I would love to visit the Tokyo Quilt Show but those crowds look overwhelming, impossible to see the quilts! I have seen a few photos online so I imagine there are quieter times but crazy all the same. You sound busy as ever.

  12. When I used to live there, I visited Tokyo Dome every day when the Quilt Fest was on! And I think I still did not get to see everything! Thank you Julie for your posts with these wonderful pics. I had to cancel my planned trip at the last minute, so I am enjoying these so much now.