Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quilt show part 2

Every year at this show there is a selection of quilts made by well-known "Sensei". This year they appeared as framed quilts. Again all the titles and names were in Japanese so not easy to locate the work of one particular artist.

This one by Suzuki caught my eye. I love those Japanese fabrics and though I don't care much for "wall art", this one I found pleasing.

Next few are from the "WA" classification. (Harmony or Peace)

Again titles and names were in Japanese. This forest is by Sawamura.

This is a detail of a quilt using fussy-cut kasuri, a fabric that is woven after the thread is dyed. I love kasuri and can't think of chopping it up into little pieces but this effect was stunning.

Below is the entire quilt.

There are supposed to be 30 cats in this hanging. It was quite popular with the camera crowd. I guess there are a lot of cat-lovers among quilters.

A closer view showed raw edges and machine embroidery.

Naoko Suzuki

Next catagory was "Original Design".

This quilt entitled "Barcelona" seems to celebrate food.

I wonder if Fukushima-san

made a trip.

This quilt made in Mola style shows constellations.

The quilter, Yabe-san, did an amazing amount of work.

This unusual quilt seems to celebrate the artist's pet labrador, Nezi.

The maker, Yoshida, seems to have included various aspects of her dog's life along with a hounds tooth plaid made of patchwork.

When westerners look at the moon, they see a man's face but the Japanese see a rabbit pounding mochi.

This is a detail just to show the number of rabbits that make up this moon in the quilt below.

Again this has an amazing amount of hand work done by Ogura.

With a Halloween birthday, how could I not show this creation?

Fairy Circle is made by Takase and all hand appliqued and quilted.

There were way too many quilts on display to show them all but these are some that caught my eye.

To be continued...


  1. Thank you very much Julie for this beautiful quilts report : all of them are really fantastic!!!
    I wish you a lovely Sunday,
    Cheers from France,

  2. there is some stunningly beautiful work here, I esp like the fish and the forest xx thanks for giving us a different view x

  3. I love all those pictures please continue!!!!!

  4. Beautiful...but I think the forest was my favorite. Maybe because fall is my favorite time of year? blessings, marlene

  5. That forest! Those snowflakes! The detail on the Halloween quilt. All so fabulous. Thank you for sharing!

  6. More lovely quilts. I love the rabbits in the moon one.

  7. The Wa quilt with all the trees is lovely! But of course I LOVE the cat quilt!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to share all these amazing quilts Julie, I'm going to put a link on my next blog post if that's ok so that my followers can find them.

  9. Love the moon-rabbit quilt, as well as the Fairy Story. Oh, hey! I love seeing them all!]]

    Elizabeth E.

  10. Autumn trees and moon bunnies are so cute!
    Thank you for sharing!