Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quilt show part 3

In the large open area there were perhaps ten sections where quilts were displayed. In some of those areas, photographs were forbidden. One area had a big display of Alice in Wonderland theme stuff. I thought it was rather a wasted space. There was some quilted stuff and theme things to buy.

Another area had room-like sections for some well known teachers. Many of those teachers specialize in one style of work
such as Hawaiian quilts or Japanese indigo and the like. Fumiko Nakayama specializes in Mola style quilts and this one was quite stunning.

The first day I went was so crowded and I could only take a few details of things I could get far enough away without including people. I am sorry I did not record the category or the quilters name. This one had some nice stitchery

This is the bottom corner of a very large quilt. It almost looks like a village on a hillside.

Each year there are group quilts. The paper at the side tells the name of the person who made that particular block.

Some were dogs, hearts, houses, etc. but I rather liked these Ohio stars. I do not know the process of how the final blocks were assembled and quilted.

Another group quilt.

And another

More stars.

I do not remember where this quilt was placed either. It might have been part of the original quilts. I have made a number of alphabet quilts but none were this complicated.

Here is a detail of the center.

And another group quilt with lots of hearts.

I still have one more category to cover so there will be one more part to follow.


  1. and yet more amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. adore the Mola style one - it's breathtaking - thank you for tour!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing with us. It sounds like hectic but rewarding days :)

  4. stunning quilts on all 3 parts....

  5. I love seeing the quilts Julie. When I go to Houston there are so many that I get overwhelmed. Seeing just a few at a time is much easier to ooh and aah over. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Wow, I love that Churn Dash quilt. So beautiful.

  7. I am loving the quilts in this show. Are these patterns or all original arts?
    The fish one is really nice, I do have some of those fabrics now, and want to make some art pieces with it, so I guess I need to get out my sketch pad.


  8. I adore the Alphabet quilt and the Mola quilt is spectacular. What a wonderful show!

  9. There seems to be quite a lot of Western influence in this batch of quilts. Was that your preference or do you think there were more of that style at the show this year?

  10. This alphabet quilt is crazy awesome!

  11. I really enjoyed the group quilts--some good ideas in there. At Road to California they had several displays that I also thought were wasted space, and disappointing. That mola quilt--a stunner!

    Elizabeth E.