Saturday, January 28, 2012

TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival part 1

Wednesday I went to Tokyo Dome for the quilt show. It was HOT and very crowded. I enjoyed what I could see. More pictures were allowed but it was almost impossible to take any because of all the visitors. Today I went back again and learned something, the last day is less crowded. I was able to take as many pictures as I wanted. Sorry to say, all the names as well as the titles were written in Japanese. I would prefer to give credit where I can so this is my best try. Part 1 is "Traditional". The above is by Gang-Hee Lee, called "Now, here I am happy". It is all in half-inch square pieces!

This is by Takane.

The quilting is in short dashes giving a very interesting effect.

"My Baltimore" by Shimada

uses an interesting color combination.

This quilt by Suzuki has blue embroidered Sun-bonnet Sues in each block.

I couldn't get the title but these animals and people are appliqued all over by Sumi?

"Red quilt filled with love" by Kimura.

This was really more stunning than the picture shows. By Hayashi.

Another 9-patch hexagon called "yorokobi" or Joy. by Sakaguchi.

"Flower Quartet" by Sugaya.

The pale colors gave a quiet feeling.

This is a detail of the one below. The figures are appliqued by machine with raw edges. They did not look very sturdy but they were so cute.

This is by Takemori. (I think)

By Karino

These little angles are by Sato.

Each one is different.

Except for the one machine applique piece, all are hand applique and hand quilted. There were some machine quilted ones, but most were beautifully hand done.

I am not very good at arranging pictures. My friend put them on a slide show which might handle more but I am not that tech savvy. More next post.


  1. Beautiful quilts. I've never been to a quilt show but know I would love to be able to go. It's wonderful that the one in Tokyo is so well attended.

  2. Loved the quilt show and so many beautiful pieces.
    Love the animals quilt, that would be a fun quilt to make.
    I bought some packs of the japanese fabrics, love the heavier weight, now i need to decide what to do with them.


  3. These are beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful quilts. I se in your last blog how many people the show visit.

  5. All beautiful! But the first is wonderful, sensational! I fell in love! Is it done as a watercolor? Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. They are all beautiful, and your close up photos show us the exquisite detail. I like the last one of the angels, so much stitching, thank you so much for showing us this.Is it far for you to travel to go to the Show?And are there many overseas people there? cheers from Jean

  7. This is truly an incredible show,just incredible I am just struck with the awesomeness of their work, the detail, the workmanship the tiny tiny pieces, the fabric use and the ingenuity of the patterns that come together in such a way of historical value from years to come. These pieces are to cherish and view over a long period of time and to savour every inch. I thank you so much for sharing this joy.

  8. Stunning! I love the black and white one by Takane and the angels by sato.

  9. Fabulous Quilts Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very humbling looking at those inspiring quilts!

  11. What beautiful and wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing this eye candy from the Tokyo Quilt show.

  12. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts.

  13. Oh my goodeness. thank you for sharing these fabulous quilts - feel inspired for the day now !

  14. Julie I am awed by the quilting on these - such detail must take hundreds of hours. I wish my attention span were a bit longer. As I approach the end of a quilt I just want to hurry and get it done. I hope to learn to stay with it and do more quilting rather than less. blessings, marlene

  15. Julie, thank you so much for the photos of the show, some fantastic quilts

  16. What an interesting selection of quilts and styles, thank you Julie.

  17. So glad to see these! I have found that Blogger and I do not get along when I try to do left or right arrangement on the photos, as it slips and slides all every which way (which is what has happened on your post as well). You may be happier to do them centered, with the captions underneath. Having said that (in response to your comment), I am happy to get pictures of the quilts any way I can. I just finished putting up Road to California (last post is tomorrow and it takes a lot of time, so thank you, thank you!

    Elizabeth E.

  18. Fantastic Quilt show! Thank you so much for sharing - I enjoyed looking at every quilt, they are magnificent!