Sunday, April 15, 2012

Herding cats - part 3

Sunday, after all the cats were joined in pairs, I played with the group to find an arrangement where each cat would stand out. The black and white cat might have had a better partner but I am not going to change that pair.

After all the cats were joined, I basted around the outer edges and now the cats are ready to be appliqued on a background.
Today I pulled out some fabrics I might use on the background. I had been thinking of putting these cats on a quilt and I found this printed hexie fabric. It might be OK but the white and yellow cats are a bit hidden

Then I tried a pink quilt print but I don't like that as well.
Maybe the cats need to get off the quilt and go outside. The color of this daisy print is a prettier green than this picture shows... definitely a possibility.
Here they are on a purple print. Hmmm, not so great.
Last of all, I let the cats back inside and told them to stay off the quilts. here they are on the floor.
This might be a good choice. I will take the no-go prints back to the box and hold the yellow quilt, the daisy field, and the wooden floor out for consideration.
A quilt group friend used this pattern and solved some of the problems by alternating print and solid fabrics in the cat pairs. Certainly a solid background would be easier to use but have less interest. More color can be added with the embroidery and the balls.
The Kerria (or yamabuki, as it is called) is now in bloom on our garden path. The tall building to the South blocks sun for all but early morning so we get to enjoy this flower a bit later than other plants in the neighborhood.
I love this hardy bush. I started it from a cutting at my last house. (A good move because I noticed on my last trip through that area that the house owner had ripped out all the lovely shrubs. They take frequent pruning to keep under control and I have noticed the new renter does not care for any of the plants. I suppose they asked for the gardener to come and do the work and the home owner balked and had the bushes removed. The gardeners had come less and less over the years we lived there). I miss that lovely sunny garden. I miss the insulated house. I miss a parking space on the property. I miss the big kitchen and a real guest room. BUT... this morning after making the rounds with rice balls for the homeless, I am thankful for what I DO have and the happy yellow blooms are a good reminder of how suddenly things might change.


  1. Hi Julie !

    Thank you for this lovely post with the lovely photos of the cats. We think that they look great inside, on the floor, as you said. And, we love the cheerful photos of the yamabuki flower. What gorgeous yellow blossoms. You're right, it is important to count our blessings; and nature itself is a true blessing, especially in springtime.

    Warmest wishes from Marina and Daryl

  2. I like the yellow background best. It complements the cat colours so well.

  3. Dear Julie! Very beautiful yellow blossoms! They give us the feeling of the sun even in cloudy days. Let's think about "pleasant" only because in our life there are a lot of "cloudy" moments. I have just idea for cats -to use different fabrics (colors) for different cats (or mix of fabrics). Have a nice day! Julia

  4. Hmmm, I think I like the wooden floor and the daisies best......the cats just look so great!

  5. Oh what beautiful yellow blossoms. They certainly will brighten up one's day. Now as to the cats ........ hmmmmm, do you want inside cats or outside cats, such decisions .... *s*

  6. the flowers are beautiful... sometimes we focus on the things that are "no more" because we cannot change where we are, hope you are soon able to find a place that makes you happy, maybe just a coener to sit in and smile and be warm. xx

  7. Those yellow blossoms are stunning - so vibrant. I love the way the cats are working. I liked the daisy print best I think. Like you I miss some of the things I had at my old house, but then I look around at what I do have and think there's no better place than where I am. I'm protected from the weather, I'm warm, I'm fed, and I have a beautiful view of God's earth. Awesome! blessings, marlene

  8. I like the wooden floor fabric best. Just my opinion. Pretty flowers.

  9. I had a chuckle at the title. I am a professional cat herder, at least that is what I say when people ask what I do. I am a stay at home mom of 3 young ones. Very cool pattern.

    Just popped over from A Left Handed Quilter's blog.

    Enjoy the lovely blossoms.

  10. Your Kerria looks wonderful! Beautiful flowers!

    Kitties are shaping up very nicely. I like the green field of daisies for the cats. Cats love playing among the flowers.

  11. I like your tessellations, and also the different colors of them

  12. My first gut was the yellow fabric... But it think the floor print is better. Good luck!