Monday, April 2, 2012


Six one-hour train rides equals progress. With the runners in the post, it is back to other take-along work. The signature piano-key border for the Women's Conference hanging had been waiting since the end of January to be completed. The lettering and about half the blocks are quilted in the ditch. The water will get some sashiko stitching in blue, then the border will be quilted and it will be turned into a hanging. My idea is to make a second hanging for next year's Conference that will be a pair to this one and use this after it is completed to advertise for next year, hopefully making the rounds to assorted churches in the area.
In addition, I am back to the x and + blocks. These make it about 172 blocks total. I wish I could see a larger dent in my stash as a result.

Saturday's outing to the Life Safety Learning Center was fun for the kids. They learned how to put out fires using an extinguisher, Saw a movie about what to do in case of an earthquake and tsunami, got all shook-up in a simulator, and crawled through a smoke-filled maze.

The funniest part was the "rain room" where they got to experience a typhoon. Dressed to the nines in rain gear and boots they got blasted with water and wind. Two brave adults gave it a try too. Me? I didn't want to get my camera wet. (my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

The Moms had their cameras at the window as the fake storm kicked in.

The funniest part was that exactly the same weather was going on outside. Every single scout lost his cap at one point or other on the way from the train station and I have never seen so many dead umbrellas within just a few blocks! The trains were stopped because of high wind, causing delay at the meeting point.

Today we are having a second, bigger helping of the same weather. School was called off to get the buses off the highway and home before the blast set in. The view from my window looks about the same as Saturday's view, minus the scouts. Strange time of year for a typhoon.

The magnolia trees on the North side of the street leading to the train station are in bloom but the petals will probably be scattered by tomorrow.

Luckily, the trees on the South side are in the shade and still in bud so there will be something left to enjoy.

The camellias were very late to open and I saw many flower heads rolling down the street even before the storm got going.

And ... Happily tucked inside my little green-house/bedroom, my tiny orchid has two more little flowers and a few more buds coming out. The hummingbird is something I carved out of wood and the wooden flower was carved by a friend at the BSA Jamboree. I thought of painting that bird but since there are no real hummingbirds in Japan, I had no good model. Now I am thinking that the wood is better and he can be any breed he feels like at the time.


  1. I can't beleive that you have done 172 x and + beds! Amazing!!! Beautiful flowers but as usual I love your carving!!! So gorgeous! I saw hummingbirds only a couple of times when we lived in the States and they are magical!

  2. What an interesting day you had with your Scouts. The flowers still look gorgeous in spite of the bad weather. That almost sounds like Texas weather:) Lovely work you're doing on the quilt runner.

  3. We have been having beautiful springtime weather here, but I have a snow day from school today. I'm not complaining. We need the moisture, and I get a free day to sew! We have hummingbirds all summer long, and I love to watch them.

  4. beautiful flowers xx I think I would have been helping you to keep your camera dry!! No matter how much fabric I use I never have a dent in my stash!! Cannot think why!

  5. I don't know if I can say that looks like a fun outing since it is not a fun situation, but I am sure the kids loved it.
    Beautiful flowers, nothing is growing yet, but the buds are out on my lilac bushes.


  6. I hope you are staying dry. Does anyone ever ask you what you are making when you are on the train? If I work outside on any of my sewing, someone usually stops by to see what I am doing.

    Your flower photos are gorgeous! And I like the natural wood hummingbird.

  7. The magnolias are so gorgeous. And the orchid as well. My orchid has some buds forming. I so look forward to its blooms.

  8. Hi Julie, I thought we were having bad weather until I read your blog. We have had pretty strong winds since Sunday with heavy rain as well. Today it is windy, very cold but no rain. The funny thing is last week we had really warm sunny days. My 17 yr old is in Norway ski-ing on a school trip this week and I think it is warmer where she is than here. Have a lovely Easter.

  9. We have one of those life safety places near us too and I remember when I'd take my children and the neighbor children to "experience" and get some knowledge. The kids always had such a good time. "You are not supposed to be having a good time! You are supposed to be learning something."

  10. Hello Julie! The works are amazing! So do the flowers! Have a wonderful week!


  11. The magnolias are out here too. The blossom from ornamental cherries is just lovely too but the the camelias are browning. How strange we are enjoying the same blooms in Canterbury UK and in Tokyo. Those scouts of yours have a wonderful time - these experiences will stand them in good stead. - regards and thanks for your comments - Mary/Quayquilter