Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tessellating cats #2 and blogging friends

Pairing cats
Each cat is cut out leaving a quarter-inch seam allowance. Once I decide an arrangement, I put the cats together in pairs. First I pin the darker of the pair to the pencil lines on the lighter cat.
Since darker cats are marked with a white chalk pencil, the lines will disappear as I applique and the pencil lines on the lighter cat will be covered. This also prevents a certain amount of shadowing.
I have some very short basting pins which I have used on the first pair.
Even with short pins, the thread often gets tangled in those pins. I prefer to baste the two cats together. Not only does it avoid tangles but for carry-along work, I do not have to deal with pins that might fall out or need to be put in the pin-cushion during sewing.
After all the pairs are sewed, I will repeat this step combining four cats.

And now, for friends...
After about a year and a half of blogging, something I didn't expect has begun to happen. Every now and then you might comment on a blog. Then you might get a reply and before you know it there is a conversation going between bloggers. Sometimes you may see a comment on another blog that just clicks and when you check that person's blog, you find someone who seems to be thinking in much the same way as you. Like the stitches that hold fabric together, this communication begins to link you to others, and just seeing their name in your in-box makes you smile. There are people out there that I wish I might meet in person.

How wonderful it was, then, that the opportunity arose. I could hardly contain my excitement!
It was an adventure to a new (for me) part of town, an exhibit by Amy Katoh of her collection of vintage indigo fabrics and then some strolling and shopping and snacking for the rest of the day.
But, more than the activity, was the friendship that turned out to be as wonderful, if not more so, than anticipated.

Lis, you made my day and I am still smiling when I look at your picture. I wish we had asked someone to take a picture of the two of us together... maybe sitting out under those cherry blossoms.
Finally the tulip bulbs I got for my birthday have begun to bloom
The grape Hyacinth popped up in the planter among the geraniums.
And the magnolias on the south side of the street, it the shade of the apartment building, have opened. Imagine looking out of your balcony and seeing these big flowers!
Two warm days and my down jacket is off to the cleaners, then into the store-room. Rain is forecast for the next few days but I am smiling.


  1. so glad you hit it off and had a great time xx LOVE to meet other people with the same ideas and tastes... NO picture... bit too much chatting going on I would guess xx The flowers are wonderful.... LOVE this time of year thanks for sharing the pictures xx

  2. " Friends are flowers in the Garden of Life" are the stitched words on my embroidery pieces. And how true, and a blog friend is so special.And yes, some we might never meet,distance or travel or family commitments prevent this, others we have known many years ago and catch up with now. and as you say, Julie, from a link or comment, we find another friend in our blog world,they share our quilting, family ups and downs, our life as we live it, our pets,our sorrows and our joys.Your day must have been wonderful, with time together. Cheers from Jean.

  3. It sounds like you are folding back the seam allowances on the dark cats, and then pinning or basting onto the flat lighter cats. If so, you must also be clipping the seam allowances of the darker cats? Have I got it all wrong?

    It's a really clever pattern!

    1. You've got that one right. each inner angle is snipped to the line. When sewing them together, I take a tiny stitch at the point, tucking the edge under with my needle.

  4. Hi Julie
    love the cats,
    great that you had a lovely time with your blogging friend
    your flowers are beautiful
    hope you have a great weekend

  5. I agree - meeting people you meet online in person is really special!

  6. This is just so interesting - thank you so much for sharing the progress on your cat project. I can see I am going to have to add this to my bucket list.

  7. I just love those tessellating cats. That's on my list of "something to try." It's wonderful that you got to meet a blogging friend. I'd love to do that some day also.

  8. I love the cats, and great that you meet a blogging friend. Have a nice weekend.

  9. I'm so glad you got to get together. What fun!

  10. That is wonderful that you got to meet with a blogging friend! It's amazing the connections we are making online. Your photos look wonderful and the cats are looking extra good!

  11. It was a very special day Julie, one I will treasure. I have copied your picture of me to Facebook - I wish I could have walked out in that awesome woven jacket of Amy`s!!

  12. Julie - I just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. You can find out all the details on my blog post tomorrow. ;))

  13. Blogging friends really are a gift that i did not expect but one that I m thankful for on a daily basis, glad you got to meet Lis. Enjoy!

  14. How wonderful that you had a fun time with Lis. I wonder if any blogging friends will ever come my way... I'm almost as far out of the way as you are :) Thanks for part 2 of the tessellating cats. I will have to try this pattern.

  15. Hello Julie,

    The cats are beautiful and very difficult for me. The flowers and the tree are lovely!
    Thanks for sharing with us!



  16. Reading this post made me smile:). Sounds like a wonderful time with your blogging friend. I saw the Blue and White exhibit too - it was very interesting. And... the tesselating cats will be added to my idea list! Thanks Julie!

  17. Your cats are so cute! But my how complicated! I don't know if I'd be able to applique all those little corners and dips. My applique skills leave much to be desired... You are amazing being able to design this.