Sunday, September 29, 2013

One week down, one to go

I do not do well with deadlines.
I have finished appliqueing the hands,  and today I sewed in the white inner borders and cut out the letters. They are pinned in place and ready to begin appliqueing.

I have yet to mark the cross in the center of the circle for reverse applique.

The colors look a bit dark, the picture having been taken at night, lying on the dark carpet. 

My quilt group met on Friday and that helped me to get a lot done. My friend gave me a spool of a bit heavy black thread and I am thinking of doing some kind of an outline stitch when I quilt.

I was thinking of a pieced sashing along the top and bottom using the hand colors. I think that will depend on how fast I work. I am also thinking of using a white bias binding all around.

Friday night, Saturday, and again this afternoon were filled with Scout stuff. Today's program was a disaster awareness training and the fire department set up fun things like an earthquake simulator, a smoke-filled maze, fire extinguishers with targets to hit and knock over, and CPR and AED training. They let even the little kids do the activities and also dressed them in a fireman't outfit and helmet and let them sit in the fire truck to have their pictures taken. Many of my Cub Scouts went through the activities numerous times. The Troop helped with the event and it was a beautiful day, blue sky with sun shining on the Tokyo Tower in the background.

Tomorrow is early rise for rice delivery and then the push to get this banner done. When I get those outlines done, Perhaps you will be able to pick out the left hands.


  1. In a week you have made a lot of progress! The quilt is already impressively like the sketch; neat and perfect. I think the outline in black and then a sashing or binding in the colours of the hands will add balance. Keep up the good work, Julie.

  2. I love how that looks with the hands and your applique is beautifully done. What method do you use?


  3. I recently accepted a pattern to test for a Facebook acquaintance. I had a difficult time not making changes for my own pleasure. Maybe it's not the deadline, but the trying to meet expectations? Your workmanship always makes any project you do shine!

  4. Wow - you are moving right along - I can already tell some of the left hands (we lefties know our own). It is beautiful!!!

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! And I count four left hands - ;))

  6. It's looking great! It looks like mostly left hands to me.

  7. I love the design of this quilt, Julie. Gorgeous! And I'm with you - I do not like quilting with a deadline. It feels stressful instead of creative and pleasurable.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I have not tried reverse applique yet. One of these days, I will give it a try. I'll be looking for your finished project!