Saturday, January 11, 2014

After a busy week....

Friday night was my Pack meeting and our theme for the year is "Onward and upward".

Have you ever tried to build a tower using spaghetti and mini-marshmallows? Well, it is not as easy as you might think.

We had six teams seeing which could build the highest tower... three teams of Tiger cubs, one of Wolves and Bears, one of Webelos, and one of Dads. At one time or another, each team was ahead.

If you are tempted to try this, I would advise using the larger marshmallows. Three tiers and a spire were about all those little ones could support.

As I left the American Club at the end of the meeting, the Tokyo Tower seemed to be flaunting it's height.

Well, yeah ... but you are not built with marshmallows!

Today was bright and sunny and when I stepped outside to sweep the street, I was surprised to find it warmer outside than it was in the house. With the new buildings going up, we get only about ten minutes of sunshine coming in the diningroom window each day and slightly under twenty minutes in the livingroom. The sun does hit the greenhouse on the roof so I decided to take down the decorative lights outside and put them away in the storage area.  Today, the door behaved a bit better and after five or six tries, went in place.

I actually had a good chunk of the day left to work on the gift runner.

I have finished a light gray binding. I had a choice between that and navy but I think the gray looks better with the rainbow border.

I decided to go with the Bible verse from Ecclesiastes, "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."

I have begun to quilt in the text using light gray thread.

The coming week has lots of activities lining up, so I am glad this task is on the way.

Oh look, my holiday runner is still on the coffee table ... maybe it needs to be washed and put away too. At least it doesn't have to go into THAT cupboard! Whew!


  1. Maybe you could have used the large marshmallows at the base, but the towers wouldn't have looked nearly as elegant if they were bulging out from the higher levels!

  2. When my youngest son was in elementary school, he was part of Odyssey of the Mind. Their goal was to build a structure of balsa wood that could hold as much weight on top of it as possible. Those kinds of projects are always wonderful for creativity and problem solving!

  3. Challenges, always good at any age. Love the grey binding, it sets it off perfectly, and the chosen verse, ditto. Take care, Greetings from Jean

  4. who on earth thought that sort of challenge was EASY? sounds like a nightmare to me!! So glad the cupboard played along to day xx

  5. It must have been a challenge to build a tower with spaghetti iron beans and marshmallow cement, but a great opportunity for team work.
    Your quilting is neat and tidy. I am using Crossed Buttonhole stitch for my quilting lines at the moment.
    Once the fairy lights are in the troublesome cupboard and the table runner washed and put away, you have passed a mile stone and spring is on its way...

  6. I love you busy week - it all seemed so interesting, and just one tussle with your big door.. Your scout challenge looked complicated - good for them for their efforts.

    We are putting away the very last of the christmas dishes into the pantry cupboards and bringing back the everyday dishes. They have a wide outer border of fruits and vegetables and are very comforting.

    Again - you handwork is wonderful - you are moving right along.

  7. You do such interesting projects with the boys :) Hubby put away most of our Christmas decorations last week, but the cards are still up as well as a Christmas runner I keep on the back of the couch. It can stay there until we go away in February, I think.

  8. These tower building activities never fail to entertain. They are always good fun. So pleased you had some good sewing time.

  9. Just told hubby about your spaghetti and marshmallow projects. We may have to try that with our Venturing crew sometime. It sounds like fun! Glad you had an easier time with the door today. I still need to start packing away our decorations. Too many, and no help makes it no fun.