Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby quilt ready to go

As it was beginning to get dark, I took the quilt to the park for a photo, then I came home and finished the quilting

Now it is washed and drying. It will be ready to pass to little Caleb to celebrate his baptism tomorrow.

I quilted the alphabet into the solid colors and they show up better than in the picture.

The sneaker border was a gift from my friend, Marion Fox, and came to me in several big boxes of fabric, brought by her son, a long-time Scouting friend.

There was also enough of a cute RJR print called "playroom" for on the back. It is a pale pink which might not be a boy color, but it has cute bears and lots of toys.

Considering I was just digging out the kid-friendly prints on Monday afternoon, this was a pretty fast finish. The blocks are five inches and I used #40 thinsulate for batting. All is quilted in the ditch and then either an alphabet letter in the center or a three inch square. The border is quilted in linked hearts. I quilted the baby's name and birth date into the bottom blanks. Finished size is 45" x 50".
I'm pretty sure this will make a handy play or napping quilt until he is ready for something bigger.

And all the while the quilt was getting finished, there was a cookie factory taking place at the dining room table.

Leia woke up Friday with the idea of making painted cookies with grandma. She helped her mom mix the dough and while it was cooling, went through the cookie cutters to pick out the spring ones. Then we mixed up the food coloring with egg yolk and dug out the sprinkles.

One-by-one, hour after hour, she persisted with her creative endeavors, never tiring until the last cookie was out of the oven and cooling!

Tomorrow she will have hundreds of cookies to celebrate her 6th birthday.

Way to go, my little Easter Bunny!


  1. It looks like you will have a busy but fun weekend with family. Love how you did the quilt and the alphabet quilting, could see it when I enlarged it. Are you sure you and Leia have enough cookies? LOL


  2. thats LOT of cookies! She did realy well xx hope she doesnt eat them all ... she will be bouncing off the walls! lol x

  3. I like,like,like that baby quilt. The colors are so bright and cheerful. Happy birthday to Leia. Those cookies are making leaving my sweet tooth beg for cookies!

  4. Darling quilt - you are so fast. What a dedicated little cookie maker.

  5. Such a cute baby quilt, Julie ...
    Happy birthday to your little "Easter Bunny" :))
    Hmmmmm, those cookies are looking sooo yummy and lovely, she's an artist, just like her grandma'.


  6. Wow! That was quick (and cute)! Hope the 6th birthday was great, too.

  7. I'm impressed with all of those cookies! And that is one cute little girl!

  8. Happy Birthday Leia! She really is a cookie factory!!

  9. I don't know what's cuter, the baby quilt, or those painted cookies, or Leia (well, Leia of course). I continue to be amazed at what you accomplish hand piecing and quilting! You've made the quilt so special that way.