Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two more book club blocks

The February book club read was "Mrs, Lincoln's Dressmaker" by Jennifer Chiaverini.

This is my favorite way to learn history and since much of the information came from records and memoirs, it contains a lot of true history.

Though I usually try to find block ideas using a number of fabrics, I decided to go with something more simple.

This pattern is called "broken heart" and I thought each color would represent the two main characters.

Certainly both women were linked, not only by dresses but by the loss of family members.

The light heart print I used from the background is a rather light weave but I had just enough and decided to go with that rather than a bright pink and white heart print. I don't know how machine piecers manage but trying to figure out how to iron all those seams so as not to create lumps is plenty difficult when there is a choice.

I have made one more block but I am not sure if this is the right block for the March book.

This block is called "Star of Mystery". I picked it out because I could use a variety of fabrics.

The book is "A Drunkards Path" by Clare O"Donohue.

I have yet to try a drunkard's path block. but if I find one I like, this might become the default block.

The next few books I will probably have to send away  to Amazon to buy, a but tricky without a credit card...

This makes 14 blocks but I think I want to make my quilt a bit larger.

I wonder who, other than Susan. have made blocks for all the books.
Thank You Susan, for the fun of a challenge I can join without pressure.


  1. Both are lovely blocks. I enjoyed reading Mrs Lincoln's dressmaker and also learned a lot of history through it.

  2. Beautiful blocks and gorgeous fabric choices.


  3. LOVE your blocks! The only "Drunkard's Path" block that I ever made was a cheater's version - I appliqued a large circle in the center of a large square of fabric - and then cut the circle/square into quarters - Voila! - 4 "Drunkard's Path" units - and no curved seams - my kind of block - ;))

  4. Oh both blocks are lovely. I like the heart fabric in the first one. Have you tried ? She has zillions of patterns - and all free.

  5. well done x they look wonderful x

  6. What a neat idea! I've not yet read Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, but I've read all of Clare O'Donahue's books.

  7. Hi Julie,
    You might like to know about a book that is popular here in the UK at the moment. called The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow.
    One of our well known pioneer quilters here has designed a block to go with the book... Lynne Edwards MBE. (She was awarded a Member of the British Empire honours for her services to Quilting.)
    I haven't read it myself, but many of the traditional quilters rave about it.
    Sandy in the UK

  8. The only Drunkards Path block I've ever made was in a machine applique class years ago. Good luck.. I 'd think it would be easier to make the blocks by hand than by machine.