Friday, June 27, 2014

one more picture

Okay, this is what I will send in.

I have added the forgotten feet.

I wanted to try a picture with my canon to see if the color would be better and have spent the last few days hunting that camera ... the last two days very seriously.

I know I used it Monday night to transfer pictures of my 4-inch squares to my laptop. I did that sitting in my usual spot on the sofa and when finished, returned the little cable to the drawstring bag where it lives along with the spare battery and battery charger. I set the camera with the bag on the coffee table, made my post, and went up to bed ... since it had been a very early morning rise for rice delivery. The rest of the week until I began hunting that camera, I was not out of the house much except for choir practice Thursday night. My husband has begun sitting in my spot at both the dining room table and sofa, perhaps because all other places  (including his chairs) are piled to overflowing with his stuff.

Thursday even I began moving some of the stuff off the table and hunting my camera. Well, it was not on the table ... or under it, or behind the sofa, or beside the sofa, or moved to another horizontal surface or buried under fabric piles. All day Friday I took the house apart and it is nowhere that I can think of.

That made me recall things that disappeared while I was away travelling or at camp ... like the wooden tray on the trash bin counter. Now I am thinking it may have been pushed off the table into the wastebasket and tossed out with Wednesday's trash. (I went through today's collection material in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep and it was not there.) I am wondering if I will ever know what happened to it. Meanwhile during last night, Nikko went into my bag and dragged out my music for Sunday's anthem and ate more than half of it ... and she can't even sing!
I doubt that a camera would be on her menu but one never knows in this house.

Anyway, I tried another picture on my little canon IXY (that is the one that was purchased once before when my husband borrowed my regular camera and lost it.) The colors are a bit closer to those in the block.

I went back to Queenie's post and followed it to the NHK website information. It is all in Japanese and was too small on my screen for my husband to read so I tried the "translation". For anyone out there who translates for a living, your job is safe ... the English that appeared on my screen was just as confusing and meaningless as the Japanese and only good for a laugh. There is something about sending a pre-paid postcard along with a note. As I recall this year we were sent a printed card with a notation of which number quilt to locate one's block. All that was asked was for a note with name, address, telephone number, and email address. OK... I still have a bit over a month to get this out ... just don't leave it sitting on the coffee table or trash bin counter! Ah, life at the Fukuda household ... never a dull moment!
(Now you know what I loved most about working in a library... a place for everything and everything in it's place!


  1. Your bird is alive! It is so realistic and the nectar in the flower must be, too. It will be a sticky block!!!
    Information in ENGLISH about the postcard for NHK can be read here:
    and here:
    Remember that as the Consumption tax (VAT) was increased and the postage is now 72 yen.

  2. brilliant Julie!!! It looks great. will look wonderful when you have finished :)

  3. I hate it when stuff just "goes".. I can be stood in one spot and loose stuff!! Hope it didn't go in the bin!

  4. I think the photo looks wonderful and the colors show up nicely. I think it depends on the computer screen too. I am always disappointed with the way my photos come out, the camera always brings out the flaws and dulls the nice things, lol.


  5. The bird is wonderful, with or without feet. I know how you feel about losing things. I lose stuff all the time. I especially hate when I'm sewing and can't find the scissors, finally find scissors, now where did I put my needle, needle found, scissors lost again AND I never moved!

  6. Fabulous!!!!! I am not happy when things disappear - and then when they reappear in exactly the places I've looked - though I'm happy to see them back again. My son says that there are little blue men (blue so they blend and we can't see them) that are in charge of making all things appear where they are put - and sometimes they get too busy, or forget, and don't place something where it belongs (your camera, my scissors) and then when they remember it they put it in place and that is when we find it. Makes sense to me. Hope your little blue men get busy soon and put your camera in place for you to see it.

  7. It's such a pretty block - lovely applique! Isn't it funny/frustrating how differently cameras see colors from our eyes sometimes?

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Great applique work! Ugh, I know how you feel about lost items. I cannot think, relax, or continue a daily routine if I have lost an item. I stop in the middle of the whatever I am doing to try out a hunch which usually turns out to be another dead end. I think the photo looks great.

  9. Oh the feet really add to it! Amazing how one little detail can make a difference. It is lovely! I hate it when I lose something and it keeps me up at night and I am up searching through spots where it might be in the middle of the night. I hope you find it sometime soon so you can stop fretting about it.

  10. It's beautiful, Julie!! I love how it turned out!

  11. It is perfect Julie !!! Hugs......Sandra