Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilting on the back burner

I am off today for a week in the woods with the Scouts.

Very few electrical connections and no internet.
Even cell phone connections are poor.

Nikko and I will share a tent and I hope to leave a ton of dog hair behind for nesting birds.

The bird and the plants will be taking pot-luck and the neighbors will be surprised to see how many leaves and trash litters the street on a daily basis (or weekly as the case will be).

Other than sorting fabric, nothing is done in the quilting department other than set aside some one-inch pieces for four x four blocks.

The picture was taken on my roof in a space behind the heating unit. This prickly pear cactus was given me by a neighbor when we lived in Suginami. He has a tall one on his front porch. This cutting  began blooming about three years ago and I usually miss the blooms because they open while I am at Scout camp.

Last winter was hard on all the outside plants but the Easter cactus came back several weeks ago and, though battered and bent, the prickly pear is joining in the celebration of spring.

Somehow this seems like the way my life is going, so is a good reminder to not give up, no matter where the chips fall.

Even from it's little corner ...

it seems to have it's arms and face turned upward ...

A plea?

A prayer of thanks?

Maybe a smile of encouragement?

I will carry it in my heart ... along with my blogging friends.
I hope you all have a fine week and there will be fun stuff to view upon my return.


  1. Wonderful analogy. I hope you have a wonderful time with the scouts and beautiful weather.


  2. Happy week away Julie, and your last flower, a happy face, full of loveliness. Hugs, Jean.

  3. Your plants will miss you, and the neighbours will wonder why the street has suddenly become so littered.
    Have a great week away and take a holiday from worries and feeling of hopelessness. There is ALWAYS hope!

  4. have a great time .. and maybe get a "bit" of rest xx lets hope the neighbours notice and appreciate what you do ... maybe even do a bit of clearing up themselves?... ok we can all dream xx

  5. Have a good time, Julie and Nikko! Hope the weather cooperates and you don't get too much rain.

  6. Enjoy the camp - I'm sure you will. You will be surprised at how your plants have grown when you get back.

  7. Have a wonderful time and i hope the weather is kind.

  8. Beautiful flower! I hope you have a great week!

  9. What a little beauty! Cacti have such lovely flowers. I hope you had the funnest week ever. Your spirits seem to be down these days. Can we help to raise them any way?