Monday, June 23, 2014

While I was away......

Now What!!!

I returned home from camp Saturday and spent remainder of the day unloading the car and doing wash and putting things away.
I am happy to say there were 52 merit badge completions to file so I must have been some use while I was at camp.
The house was still standing and the plants were still alive. All horizontal surfaces were piled high with papers and clothing and who knows what as it is all in Japanese, dirty dishes waiting in the sink and the vacuum cleaner untouched.

Now some remedy has been made and there is at least a place to sit.

I thought I would take a cleaning break and check out the blogs I like to read and have missed the past week. WRONG!!!
When I go to my blog list, there is only one blog posted ... seemingly the most recent one.
Underneath there is a place to click on saying something like read more but when I click on that I get a very tiny message saying "loading" (which disappears when I release the key) and no matter how long I wait... no other posts appear.

Having a reading list I could scroll down was something that didn't need any "fixing"!

Anyone else out there having this problem or a solution? Today I have only been able to look at two blogs. (one each time I try). Bloglovin does come to my e-mail but I am unable to comment on many of those posts.
Why? I have no idea.

The only sewing that has been done is adding a few more blocks of one inch pieces.

I don't even know what I am going to make with them... maybe turn them into eight inch stars in some kind of arrangement.

Meanwhile I am thinking about my "partnership" block.
I asked my husband what he thought the word sweet might bring to mind and he said, "how about a hummingbird and a flower?"

This morning when I came downstairs, there was a pile of print-outs he had pulled from the computer. Nothing much that I could use, but then I opened my "Birds and Blooms" magazine that  my cousin sends me, and it is full of hummingbird information and pictures. Certainly that is something sweet that I have long missed living in Japan.
A plan is slowly forming in my brain. (and I will have lots of time if I can only read one blog a day!)


  1. Sounds like camp went super well!! You were more than useful! You were a star! I wonder what would happen if you just didn't do all the cleaning up. Would he ever notice? Well at least he helps you with inspiration....

  2. Hi Julie, glad to have you back. I'm having the same frustration with my blog reading list. Today I found out by experimentation that if I click on the name of the blog on the left and wait a few seconds, the latest blog entry turns up. Not as convenient as far as I'm concerned, but they will keep fixing stuff that ain't broken.

  3. Star blocks with your 16 patches would be cute. I sent you an email about the blogger problem and bloglovin'.

  4. I have the same problem too, it is so annoying, lol. I am using my bloglovin email and one thing I do is, click on the blog name for the link, not the posting link, then the comments should be there to click onto. Glad to hear you are back and everything went so well at camp.


  5. Whoops! Back to normal on the blog feed this morning. How about you?

  6. it has taken 3 days for Blogger to sort the problem!!.. but at least they got there!! Glad your camp went well .. just a pain to come home to find the place a mess... I'm guessing this isn't a new problem!! x never mind .. chin up and find something beautiful and heart-warming to sew xx

  7. Welcome back!! I missed you!!