Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moving along

I was able to mark the border fabric for Ben's quilt on Tuesday evening  ... big table  and I was already there for a meeting.

Since then, I managed to sew on all four borders and I like the results.

The flimsy is 72 inches wide and 91 inches long.

The big-boy quilt I made for his brother is 76 x 86
and the book club quilt on my futon is 63 x 83.

I laid this out on the double bed in the loft and there seems to be enough length to tuck in. Right now the boys are sharing a bunk so for now it should be big enough for a growing teen.

The  rain was just beginning when I hustled out to the park to get a picture. Nikko says, "Hurry up and let's get out'a here. I'm getting damp and so is the quilt".

At Monday's group gathering, Kuraishi sensei demonstrated a way to piece the backing.

She whipped this up in no time at all with a machine and a rotary cutter.

For combining random blocks it seemed very handy.

Looking through my bits and pieces, I have set out 5 greens, about 9 purples, and three combinations plus the border fabric.

I would like a mixture of sizes and to put each fabric in at least two places for balance. One advantage of using sensei's plan is I would not have to worry about making all those corners meet exactly.  One disadvantage is I would have to drag out my tiny machine and find a space to leave it while I work ... if the machine still actually runs.

I have seen another idea where you cut all the fabric the same size and then cut it several times with a rotary cutter and then take different fabrics from the pile while assembling the blocks, Of course that is assuming all of the scraps I have chosen are the same size and shape ... which they are not.

Another way might be to cut them in multiples of the same number, like 12 x 12 and 6 x 18 and the like. Depending on size, I could use some of the larger scraps to fill big areas and it would be easier to quilt through with fewer seams.  That is the way I am leaning at this point. Maybe if I set the back on point, the quilting on the top would go better ... or at least look better on the back.

It is a sure thing the backing will be pieced. It will meet Ben's request for purple and lime green so if he wants, he can use that as the top side. I should be able to get something together for quilting once the hot summer is over.

The silk worms are really gobbling the leaves now and I had to take the bike out to hunt more supplies mulberry leaves. At this point, I can actually hear them chomping, a rather peaceful sound.

While at camp, I was interviewed for a TV program. I don't know how it turned out as it was for the channel used on the military bases. I have no idea why they selected some old lady to interview but I did have an opportunity to express the importance of experiencing nature first hand, even in the rain.
If I couldn't spot a mulberry tree at a distance, there would be a lot of unhappy critters, and they do pose a lesson for the next generations.


  1. OOOH! what fun I can say I "know! a TV star xx lol x A rainbow is always such fun ... and always suitable for a boy xx

  2. >At this point, I can actually hear them chomping, a rather peaceful sound.

    Great - sounds in blog posts! :-)

  3. You've been busy - as usual. Love the quilt top - it is one of my very favorites. I love learning about silk worms - and can't even imagine the process and facilities needed to make the millions of yards of silk fabric used these days.

  4. Great looking quilt top. For your machine, clean out the lint, especially around the bobbin area, then oil the machine (any place metal moves against metal).

  5. I think your grandson is one lucky boy. It's a great looking quilt. If I were close enough I'd get your machine going. But you really don't want to use it anyway, do you?

  6. I know of one quilter that cuts fabrics into 10.5 inch squares, and sews them together. It makes easy math to get the right amount for the width or length, since it finishes at ten inches. She also throws in orphan blocks or extra blocks & it really makes the quilt backing fun!! Her name is Bonnie Hunter, and her blog is Quiltville. Many free patterns and lots of info!!

  7. Great work on the finished quilt top.It is looking wonderful. The borders have worked really well. And Nikko is being so patient.
    I enjoy making pieced backings and using up fabric, but no two are ever the same. Good luck.

  8. I just love that quilt. Is that the pattern that is called stepping stones? I might just have to do that one for one of my grandsons big boy quilt. Great way to dive into the stash. I like the idea is piecing the back as well.

    I must have missed the post when you told why you are raising silk worms. What are you going to do with the cocoons?

  9. Your quilt top is lovely. My scraps are not in harmony if you know the mean but I am using up in smaller projects. At least that's what I think. Hope you didn't get wet too much

  10. It looks great! And I love the glimpse of Nikko. The thought of being able to hear those critters chomping makes me cringe but I will take your word for it that it's a peaceful sound;).