Monday, June 6, 2016

It's in the works

If you walk into my front door, you will smell the sweet scent of gardenias.

My gardenia bush right outside the gate is small and old, but this year it has put out a great show of blooms.

As I understand it, the blooms are determined by the day and night temperatures, and that may be true because with the new building blocking most of the afternoon sun, most of the plants whose blooms are determined by hours of light are much behind other places in our area.

On the other hand, weather has remained rather cool and the caterpillars that usually attack the buds have not showed up yet. (their hatching perhaps influenced by temperatures).

These flowers are small but powerful and I am enjoying them.

I am also enjoying some progress on this year's third baby quilt.

I am just quilting around the letters and in the ditch, and then a one-inch frame inside each picture block.

So far I have started in the center and have about 15 of the blocks done.

The gold inner border has three rows of words ... the twelve points of the Scout Law. I also added two scout blocks to the bottom row, thanks to my blogging friend, Cheryl, who added these to my stash a few years ago.

I can't remember where the border fabric came from. It is a bit busy but of all the choices, it seemed to work best.

Now I need to figure out some take-along work. The nine-patch is waiting for its border to be cut and sewed but that will have to be done at home.

My daughter is still waiting for her tissue box cover but the box size is different than those found here so I think I need to make a model box before beginning.

The internet is still waiting for connection. I know there was a letter asking that the modem be returned but if that is what is holding things up, it may be a long wait because I have no idea which of all the many boxes attached to things in the computer room by countless wires is a "modem".Now, I must be a bit old and jaded, but why can't they take it when they bring the new one???

Meanwhile, I am missing so many friends out in blogging land. I try to grab a peek when there is a connection but often it goes off before I finish or have a chance to leave a reply. Hang in there, "I'll Be Back!"


  1. I can imagine how lovely the perfume from the gardenias must be. Enjoy that beautiful scent.
    Your quilting is coming along well. Lovely work.
    And good luck with your continuing internet hiccups!!

  2. Every day when I pick up old Auntie from Day Care I stand and wait by a gardenia bush, and the perfume is intoxicating!
    The quilt is coming along beautifully and I am sure you will soon have a take along project ready for your train rides.

  3. Love how the quilt is coming along, such a fun one with the different fabrics and letters. I hope you can get things resolved, we have places nearby to drop our boxes off, but now they don't rent them, they sell them, so they just send you a new one and charge you for the box.


  4. Is there a box with the company's name on it? That would be the modem, most likely. The baby quilt is looking nice. You'll have it done soon. I love Gardenias.

  5. Love those gardenias, and why not just take the Modem back when all else is installed? Internet is wonderful when all goes well, and a true nightmare when there are problems. Hugs from a coldish morning down here. ( minus 1.0 Celsius so far)

  6. Beautiful gardenias. Your quilt is progressing along well, I often stitch on train rides. Internet frustrating, thinking of you from Down Under.

  7. Dear Julie, your gardenias are looking nice and may smell very sweet in your home.
    Good quilting on your Baby quilt :)these connection problems must be painful !!
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  8. Another lovely quilt and so personal with the scouting references. How nice it is to focus on some fleeting glimpse of beauty such as your gardenias - it is so often these little things which enrich our lives. May you return soon.

  9. Another lovely quilt. I'd love to have the scent of the flower as I entered the house - what a treat. I've been taking a break from blogging and even from reading blogs - starting to catch up - starting with yours.

  10. Haven't seen a gardenia yet in my yard but I see the hydrangeas are beginning to get a little color. The rainy season is right around the corner.

  11. Hi Julie, your front door scent must smell so good! The baby quilt is amazing!

  12. I never be up and close to gardenias but believe they are divine. Some of our roses are really nice now.
    Hope your internet connection get fixed soon. That is very frustrating....