Friday, September 2, 2016

Blue or white? What do you think?

With a seemingly constant parade of typhoons coming through, the rain has managed to collect in multiple spots and has become breeding grounds for hoards of mosquitoes.

Unlike the blood-sucking helicopters of Minnesota, Japanese mosquitoes are very tiny. If you can keep from scratching a new bite, it quickly goes away but that is easier said than done.

During summer camp, I was asked to teach the insect study merit badge and one of the requirements was to raise an insect from larvae to adult. In a weeks time, the only insect I can think of is a mosquito and I had scouts running through the woods, scooping in puddles for wigglers.

Well, how long does it take to raise a mosquito?
On my table I have a cup of water with a paintbrush standing in it. I am using a purple Chako Ace pen to mark the blocks for quilting. The purple ink will disappear with time (especially in Tokyo humidity) but a swipe with the wet brush will make it go faster.

Sunday morning, when I dipped the brush in the cup, there was a wiggler in the water. I decided to leave it and see how long it would take to reach adulthood. In three days it shed it's skin and the fourth day it flew out in my face when I removed the cloth on top. By now it has probably bitten me more than once and laid eggs in some other container.

I see beautiful pictures on blogs of people's porches and decks, set with comfy chairs and tables. Well, no room on this tiny property, but even if there was, who would want to sit out and feed those little buggers. Not me!

So .... keeping inside with a few mosquitoes was the best plan of the week and now the center area of the nine-patch is all quilted and I am thinking of how to do the inner border.

I came up with this design which I have drawn on using the marking pen. I think it fits with the rest of the quilting and won't be too fussy to do. (I really don't like a lot of stopping and starting.

At this point, I am thinking of using the blue thread on the inner triangle and white on the outer one. I will probably quilt a simple cable in the outer blue border because I don't think anything fussy will show in the print.

I would really like to quilt both triangles while they are in the hoop so that when I work my way back to where I started, that inner border will be done. So ... I sit and ponder ... all blue? or blue and white?
My blue thread is almost gone.
My purpose for using the blue was to calm the variety of whites .
The whites in the border are all the same fabric.
Guess I'll take Nikko for a walk while I think this over ... not that I haven't had weeks to mull the next step. What do you think?


  1. I'd go for all white quilting in the triangles. That would keep the border separated from the inner area.
    I've been bitter quite a lot this summer by those nasty mosquitoes. These days one can get mosquito coils with lavender fragrance and my house smells like a flowering lavender farm. Without the burning coils how many bites would I have?
    Stay indoors and away from the bugs!

  2. No wonder there are so many mosquitoes when they can breed that quickly.
    I think stay with one colour only in the border, either the blue or white but not both.

  3. Get more blue thread, just do the whole boarder in blue, so it matches the rest of the quilt.

  4. Gee, what do you need a deck for, when you grow your own mosquito's INSIDE;) Since you used blue on the other white, why not try white on white this time?

  5. White on white for the whole border, and your design, almost a Fleur de Lis, lovely, and the thread could go from the inner to the outer for each pair, a lot less tying off and snipping. This is looking so beautiful.

  6. I agree with "Quilting Tangent" - get more blue thread and do it to match the rest of the quilt - ;))

  7. I like white - or blue - or white - or - well I like them both but I think I'd do white just for the change. Growing your own mosquitoes - not what I'd like to do. LOL

  8. We didn't get any mosquito's this year so it was nice sitting on the porch at night.
    I would love an all season room that I could enjoy in the winter, but that costs too much to enclose the porch.
    Love the designs you are using, that is going to be beautiful.


  9. I like the blue/white idea but would probably opt for all blue - time to go shopping!

  10. You're breeding mozzies?!! The world doesn't need any more of them! We're off to Mexico in a couple of weeks, I have one of those coil things for the hotel room and several bottles of full on DEET stuff. I always seem to be very attractive to the little devils and Al got dengue fever on our last but one visit to Singapore, not nice so we're going in fully armed! Your quilt is lovely, I agree with several other comments that you should use one colour or the other, and my vote would go for blue to unite those white fabrics. You'll just have to go shopping!!

  11. Oh dear...I like both the white and the blue, perhaps go for the the white....oh I don't know, go with what you feel is right Julie.

  12. I would like either color. You have probably decided by now. I'm just writing to say that I love your beautiful quilting pattern and the density of quilting that you have chosen for this quilt.

  13. I think the blue looks lovely on the inner part of the quilt. But I suspect you know what you want and have made the decision. It is a lovely quilt! Raising mosquitoes eh!! You are a character - I`m sure you know that already. :)

  14. Oh please! Don't go raising mosquitoes! We have enough with trying to harvest them! We have talked about putting in a deck between our house and the forest...a nice spot to relax outdoors... But it is not going to happen after I reminded husband that the mosquitoes live out there preying on humans. California we never worried about mosquitoes... Fleas were another matter though, and I don't have fleas in Nikko. I guess I'll stick with mosquitoes and stay indoors.

  15. Hi Julie, I love your quilt and the color! Blue in a bedroom is a happy color! Hugs, Sandra

    1. Blue is one of my favourite colors. I can never have too much.