Thursday, September 22, 2016

Plan "B"? If it works, it is the right way!

After going through all the possible marking tools in my collection, (none of them showing among the blue flower print) I decided to quilt the outer border from the back.

It is still a bit hard to mark in an oval hoop but at least I can see the lines once they are drawn.

When I turn it back to the front, the quilting hardly shows and the stitches ... when you can find them ... are small and even enough.

Rain yesterday. Rain today. Rain predicted for tomorrow. Camp-out postponed. The time I thought would be spent prepping crafts for the camp-out was put to testing my template.

I drew the plan on graph paper and traced it to a thin tracing paper, then cut the strip and laminated it. It was not hard to cut out and is easier to find than just using the clear plastic I can buy at the stationary store.

The spider lilies outside my gate are opening but if you want to see REAL pictures of the season's beauty,

Take a look at here at Tanya's Blog.

They make my flowers look like a wimpy bunch of wanna-be's.

Next in season will be the sweet olive ... kinmoksei.
I see the tiny buds beginning to form in the twigs and branches. Usually those are not noticed until they burst into bloom, filling the air with perfume.

OK, enough of this!
Back to the second side of the border.


  1. I've never tried quilting from the back. I've thought about it on the machine, but still haven't tried it.

  2. All the best with your quilting! The flowers are pretty ♥

  3. Your idea works well! You can display the back of the quilt with pride.
    Yes, weren't Tanya's flowers impressive, but she does not have any on her doorstep. You can enjoy the beauty every time you open the door!

  4. Love how the quilting came out, great idea to use the back and it shows wonderfully in the front.
    I think your tiger lilies are beautiful, my plants all look sad, lol.


  5. On such busy material what a good idea to quilt from the back so when the overs are turned back you see it.

  6. What a great idea to quilt from the back. I love fabrics like that blue one since they seem to hide my errors better (smile).

  7. I agree with Queenie - Tanya's spider lilies were beautiful - but you have one on your doorstep to enjoy every day. And quilting the border from the back is an excellent idea - you can actually see what you're doing - LOL - ;))

  8. Your spider lilies are wonderful! When one gets too many at a time it is hard to appreciate the beauty of each flower.

    I have quilted only one small quilt from the back but it sure made things easier to see. And I think you can be proud that your stitches are just as even from the back as from the front!