Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What are they thinking?

Or, ARE they thinking?

My walk to the train station takes me down a quiet street lined with magnolias.

All winter I watch the buds swell and wait for the first ones to open as spring rolls in.

Today, as I walked the street there was a large truck with a platform arm in back. Two men were sitting on the curb smoking.

Well, later in the day, walking that same route I found out what they were there for. TREE TRIMMING!

The Japanese people are very polite and careful not to say anything that might offend someone, but I can't help thinking it a good thing that my Japanese skill is so poor because they would surly have gotten a piece of my mind.

Surly those who make their living trimming trees, know that there are trees that set their buds during the summer.

Why, then, do they cut off all those branches with the buds in the fall?

These were not the only trees hit either. The dogwoods got a close trimming too. And off in the park I heard the sound of chain saws ... probably the plums got a hit as well.

I wonder if the tree guys are so eager to make a buck that they don't even care if they are spoiling the tree's beauty. Surely they could just as well trim the trees in the spring after the blooms are finished.
It has been a rather sad rainy fall with much of the leaves being blasted off the trees before even having a chance to change color. Now it looks as though spring will be lacking it's usual color too.

The runner for the Women's Conference speaker is now assembled ... all 60 blocks ... after making changes here and there from my earlier plan.

I think I am satisfied so far and will begin looking through my stash for a dark border.
I am thinking of something in maybe navy or dark purple, and then quilting in words with white thread.

I have yet to check out something for the back.

The latest earthquake didn't have much effect on the Tokyo area. One person I talked to living in a tall building had things fall. There was some interruption of train schedules and I heard Tsunami warnings had been called off before noon.

On my one day to sleep in, I did not appreciate the 6am shake-up. More after-shocks are predicted but I hope they wait until day-light hours.


  1. Glad you are safe. The knuckle headed tree trimmers here butchered most of the trees in our subdivision, near the street, 16' straight up. They still look bad, months later, and, we're surprised that some of them have lived (so far).

  2. Have been thinking of you, pleased you are safe. Sad, I love magnolias, fingers crossed the trimming will encourage new growth in the future. Your blocks look great altogether. Take care.

  3. That's so sad and short-sighted. No magnolia blooms in spring, no bright, bare dogwood stems to light up the winter days. Surely there are things to be pruned now that won't be harmed. Grrr. And speaking of harm, I was pleased to hear the tsunami warnings had been cancelled when I woke this morning after hearing the news and evacuation warnings last night. The earth is so active at the moment, a reaction to thoughtless human behaviour (and tree cutting) possibly?

  4. NOT thinking would be more like it - and that's a shame. I was worried about you when I heard about the earthquake - so glad you are safe. And your runner looks GREAT! - ;))

  5. Sometimes they seem to have a schedule for trimming regardless of the season.
    The runner has come together very nicely.
    I am very pleased that all you suffered from the quake was an early wake up. Good to know you are safe.

  6. Our tree trimming is usually the large ones that hang over the telephone lines, they do a lot of damage when the ice comes, so it is needed. Glad you made it through the earthquake without any damage, something I have never had to experience and hope I never do. Love how the quilt came out, I like the idea of blue but can imagine purple as a beautiful border too.


  7. Are the magnolias under the care of the ward? I don't think the wards of Tokyo employ professional tree trimmers or gardeners, just a team of men with power tools. It was probably that street's turn to have a cut. People around me often say that the nearer the end of the year we get, the more public work projects there are, it's a way to use up the budget. If this is true or not I don't know but I feel there are more holes dug up around here in December than any other time of the year.
    Your runner is looking good.
    We were woken up by tremors yesterday and then kept awake by the constant tsunami warnings on the TV. This morning's jolt also woke us up. No damage, just the house swaying, and then the cold of the falling snow.
    Keep safe and warm!

  8. HI Julie, we are glad that you are safe; and we think the idea to add a dark border with white thread embroidery is wonderful ! That will make such a lovely statement. You know, this quilt really sparkles, because you've created so many pretty contrasts with the foreground and background colors. What a wonderful gift for your speaker ! Blessings always, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  9. Do you know why Tani on her blog Taniwa has been silent 11 days? She's in California. Her blog readers are very worried about her not blogging for so long. Thought you might be able to get in touch with her. Thanks.

    1. Robin, You are a no-reply blogger so I hope you get this message. Yes, it is troubling when a regular blogger goes silent for that long. But ... her husband has arrived and family is gathering. Thanksgiving is a busy time and finding time to one's self for blogging is much more difficult when one is not at home on a regular schedule. I will let her know your concern. Please try not to worry too much.

  10. Replies
    1. Robin, I heard from Tanya and as I suspected, no internet at grandma's place and family family visits kept her busy. She will be returning today but because of a fall, will have a date with the doctor Saturday to see what damage has been done to her knees.
      You will get the details on Monday when she will have time for a post. She is in her usual good humour but a few prayers her way wouldn't hurt I am thinking.

    2. Thank you and God Bless You for contacting her. She's such a nice person and her blog is my very favorite - I was so worried. Thanks again and if you celebrate - Happy Holidays! And yes I send my prayers to her and her family.