Monday, June 12, 2017

Block for Partnership Quilt '18

Last Wednesday my cage was rattled by a post from Tanya about the"Partnership Block" for next years Tokyo Dome quilt show. After taking notes from Queenie's post, I had let the whole thing go completely out of my mind. (My mind being over-worked with choir stuff and scouting stuff and school stuff and worrying about who could take care of my menagerie while I travel)

Ooops, the deadline for submitting the blocks is the end of July so I had better not wait any longer because I will be travelling most of that month and next week is scout camp. If I move the ideas any farther out of my mind, it may never get done ... or I will be rushing to meet the deadline.

So, the theme being "tree  of life" I decided to put my Ohio Cardinal into the tree. I was going to put feet on the bird but in the end, the tree needed another leaf for balance at the place where the feet would have been. I put in the last stitches before going to bed after a very long day on Sunday. Tomorrow it can go into the post and I can scratch that item out of my cluttered brain. And I guess it would be a good idea to remove the basting thread from the last leaf now that I see the end dangling.

So ... off to find an envelope and a postcard to enclose.


  1. This is so beautiful, and a Cardinal from Ohio, in a block, in a Tokyo Dome quilt show, and then you are off to the states, so fitting you chose this for your "tree" block. Busy days for us all, take time to rest occasionally.XXX

  2. PERFECT! You have found the PERFECT fabric and make such PERFECTLY even stitches!
    The staff at NHK will be happy to see your Cardinal has come to nest in yet another of their Partnerships quilts.

  3. That is a beautiful block and I love your fabric choices, nice shading and texture.


  4. Well done. There really is a limit to how much our brains can hold. And planning for travel can take over. I think your block works well.

  5. Julie, your block is so pretty ! We love the way you depicted the Ohio cardinal, who looks so majestic! It is perfect for a "tree of life" theme. Congratulations on getting that done. And, we're so glad that you found someone to look after your home and Nikko while you are away. What a relief that is. You will really be having a very busy and very fun summer ! Blessings always, from Marina and Daryl Lynn