Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Packing up

Only a little over a day and a half I will be taking off to visit family. Now I am on a count-down and semi-panicked about forgetting something I must do first or pack in my bag.

Monday I met with the neighbors who have offered to take care of my pets. I really want to do something to thank them and while I was there, the son's miniature dachshund was cuddling up to me and I remembered seeing a quilt Taniwa recently made for a friend with dogs in sweaters.

I hunted up her post and made a sketch in my graph notebook and decided to make a table runner using the dog in the center and putting fruit and vegetable print fabric around the border. Maybe if I have time I can make a matching mug-rug for each family member.

Today I hunted through my scraps and think what I have will work. I marked and cut the dog and still have to mark and cut the food, but this will be my take-along for the plane and down time when jet lag doesn't let me sleep.

Of course I took piecing to scout camp too but little got done ... not much "down-time" when in the woods with the boys.... even when no internet means no time on the lap-top.

Yesterday I took my phone to the shop because the battery dies within ten minutes of use. Too bad, they no longer had batteries for that old phone ... so I had to get a new one. Well, maybe it is good because I could get a small i-phone that maybe I can link up with my lap-top. The bad thing is that everything is in Japanese which I can't read. I will take it along to the states and perhaps my guru son will be able to teach me how to use it.

Sooooo, not to worry if I disappear for the better part of July. Hopefully I will have a lot to post upon my return. For now, I am off to make lists.


  1. Tanya's dogs in sweaters were so cute and yours will be as well. You are so clever to make up the pattern from Tanya's photos.
    Have a great holiday and enjoy every precious minute with the family. Stay safe!

  2. A new phone, good news. And posting from the States, I'm sure that family will find a way for you to keep in touch and give us some photos and updates. Hugs and love for your journey, and the doggie, that is such a lovely gift.

  3. The dog is cute. I need a new phone, too, but, I hate to try and learn all that new technology. Have fun in the USA!

  4. Safe and happy travels Julie, have a wonderful time visiting your family. Your little dog looks so cute in the tartan jacket.

  5. That is such a cute design, they will love it.
    If you have an iPhone you can go online if the kids have wifi and post photos on Facebook, that is something I love to do when I am traveling. I hope you have a safe flight and a wonderful time with your family.


  6. The dog design is a great idea as a thank you. And great for stitching on the go.
    Have a wonderful time with your family.

  7. I'm so glad you are getting a chance for this trip - enjoy every minute.