Friday, June 16, 2017

What it takes to become a Boy Scout

With the finish of the school year, next on the agenda is Scout camp.

All day I have been sorting through the craft stuff and packing up stuff I need to take in order to spend a week with the scouts in the craft area.

The Far East Council has a small supply of tools to use but it is never really enough. All day I have been pulling out things and carrying them downstairs, ready to load in the car. I had put the scroll -saw out by the walk and taken other heavy things there like the leather-working tools and box of dyes and finishes. There are still two big heavy baskets loaded as well as a power cord reel and a box of wood scraps.
I still have some things to dig out that are on the third floor ... like the box of  carving samples.
Yesterday on the way to choir practice, I stopped in Tokyu Hands, where they have a large supply of craft items. I bought leather and some extra wood and hooks and rings for braided lanyards. The last two summers, our paid executive bought completely useless supplies. Even after the first year when I told him what he had bought could not be used for projects, as it was already cut, stamped, and finished ... sparkling pink snake skin made of calf or goat hide? Sorry ... because he bought five times as much of the same stuff last year. Maybe we can figure out some craft for the cub camp but it sure won't work for a merit badge. Anyway, just as I got things set outside to load tomorrow morning, I began to hear thunder in the distance.

Well, I really didn't want to have all this stuff filling my entryway ... which is small as it is, but now I have moved things inside. I am listening to the thunder and smelling rain coming but so far no sound of falling raindrops. When that happens I shall have to dash upstairs and close windows on the second and third floors.

This week when I sprayed the baby quilt top for ironing, I noticed the red I had selected for one of the solid blocks had a problem. I wasn't certain which piece of red fabric I had used as many of my scraps have come from friends and fellow quilters.

I decided to wash my whole stash of reds and tossed in five color-catchers.

Well, when I went to remove the goods from the machine, look at those color-catchers! they were darker than some of the fabrics.

I still didn't know which red was the culprit so I cut strips from fabrics and took them to wash by hand. The last one was the bit on the right.

When I wet that strip, the color just ran off and it even dyed my hand that was holding it. Now I am wondering if I should re-do the quilt blocks or wash the flimsy with color-catchers pinned to the reds I have used. Using that strip, I was able to identify the problem red and pull it from the stash.

I have marked and cut some five-inch kid prints but still don't have enough for one I-Spy quilt.
Don't know if I will have time to mark and cut more as next on my list is to prepare my own camping gear and then pack up clothing and other needs for the week.
I was going to drive to camp tonight but since some troops will be setting up on Monday, I think probably from Saturday afternoon there will be enough time to set up the craft area.

I still have nature materials to round up but those are mostly in large bags because they were left sorted from another event.

Well, the leaves outside the window are dancing in the wind and the thunder has moved on. Still no sign of rain other than a greying sky. Time to get back to work.

I am going to miss a lot of blog viewing as there is no internet out in the woods. I hope you will all have a good week. I plan to.


  1. Oh what a pity you don't live near me - I have loads. I'm sure your scouts will love making projects from scratch. If telling hasn't done any good emails or a note with suggested links or a list might help.

  2. I've had that problem with reds and oranges. With that much bleeding, I'd consider removing that red, and putting another red in there instead. Hope scout camp is nice this year. I'm sure Nikko will enjoy it, no matter what.

  3. Hope you've had a wonderful time at scout camp. What a let down it is when the fabric runs. It is great you caught it in time!

  4. Hi Julie
    I just ran across this post- hope all is well Just wanted to pop in and say HI!