Saturday, July 22, 2017

An Oregon quickie

I still have two posts worth of pictures ...
or maybe three from the days in Colorado.

Now I have managed to add several more days of pictures with the Oregon gang.

Today was a trip to the Portland zoo and the Audubon Society and lots of family time.

The table runner now has a binding and I will try to make a label for the back ... if I can find time ... so I can give it with thanks to my dog-caregivers.
There have been a number of challenges I never intended them to face.

Internet access here is not readily available so I am hoping my memory will last until I am back inTokyo

This picture was taken at the zoo with Ryden and Irene, the two youngest of the grand kids ... and are they ever grand!
More to come ...


  1. Tokyo, I do hope all is well over there. looks like you are having great weather . Enjoy internet when you can.

  2. Julie, I am delighted that you are reconnecting with your family in the states and seeing the sites and enjoying old friends. You always motivate me to get busy doing more quilting. You never waste a moment and keep those fingers nimble! Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep writing your interesting journal. I love reading your blog!!!

  3. Enjoy every minute and you will remember it all when you return to Japan.