Saturday, July 29, 2017

Colorado to Portland

As Tuesday was travel day, after getting my things packed up on Monday, we set out to enjoy the last sunset

It is only a short walk down the driveway and across the street to the lake.

Even those who live along this road and can enjoy the scene every day were out ... walking the family dog ... or taking a stroll along the lakefront.

Imagine having this view to enjoy daily.

Jon had picked up this elk horn cribbage board, so each evening we had to try it out with a game.
Finally, the third evening I made a win ... but not by much. These days I find very few people who are familiar with the game.

Tuesday was a flying day ... from Boulder to Portland. 
                                               I was met at the airport by Kimie and Irene.
                                                      We were joined for dinner by Julie Junior, Lucien, and Naomi The boys being away at camp.

Next day ...Fabric Depot
                    To find bias tape for the table runner binding ....
                                     Then off to Leach Botanical Garden ... Parks and gardens ... in the genes of our family.....

and, before dinner, a short taste of music by Naomi.  Every bit as wonderful as the sunset!


  1. Beautiful photos. What a fun cribbage board, We play all the time with my FIL. Taught both the kids, good math game for them. Now they are young adults and when they have friends come with us to Gpa's house we have to teach the newbie cribbage.

  2. What a great holiday you have had, and the last few days with family fun, beautiful views and wonderful music.
    Welcome home to a muggy Tokyo.

  3. Lovely photos! Is the cabin in a national park? Sounds like you are having a wonderful time visiting.

  4. Beautiful scenery, and crib, we played a lot with Hugh's Mum and Dad, an older game but skills needed that might be lost today with all the online ones out there. Safe travels.

  5. We played cribbage with my dad's board throughout my childhood. How I remember those fun evenings. What a wonderfully memorable trip you've had.

  6. My dad taught me how to play cribbage and Bill and I, still play, great camping game too.
    The area is so beautiful, I definitely have to get out west, someday.
    Wonderful to be able to spend time with the kids and see Naomi playing, I always loved the violin.


  7. Julie, these photos are absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for sharing all this loveliness with us !
    We love playing cribbage and used to play it at night in our hotel room while traveling, because the cribbage board is easy to pack. That game requires a lot of thinking skills and is great exercise for the brain. Fun ! Hugs and blessings to you, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  8. Glad you made it to Fabric Depot. I house exchanged with folk in Portland some years ago living in an old house in the inne mile and a quilting neighbour, another Mary, took me to fabric depot. What a place. We also visited a famous rose garden. What a brilliant trip you are having, truly the trip of a lifetime.

  9. It is all wonderful. You are fitting so much into your trip.
    What and unusual cribbage board. We learnt the game through evenings with aunts and uncles a long time ago and still play, especially when we are camping.

  10. Again - lovely travels and family. That stone cabin is amazing. We have a round, metal cribbage board, it was obviously hand made by someone with a metal lathe to play with, wouldn't that be a fun tool? I've played cribbage since I was very young in Alaska - we still enjoy a game now and then, especially on a cozy winter evening.

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