Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fun in and around Boston

Every day has been filled with activity. Day one ... a trip to Target and a few other places to replace things that didn't get packed.

That was followed by a trip to the garden where we trimmed roses and pulled weeds ... My favorite activities  ... and were invited to a party by the neighboring gardeners.

It was a great start to the trip.

Next day it was off to some more shopping in Cambridge and a trip to the Museum of Natural history with Friend Bert.

A shot of the church at Harvard University ...
I really love all this vintage architecture.
The roof pattern might inspire a quilt design.

Day 3 we set out by ferry to Georges Island in Boston Harbor. The whole island is covered by a huge fort. Fort Warren was built in 1847 and a Civil war prison and training ground.

We did a lot of walking indoors and out, taking about two hours to find our way around and back to the ferry for the return trip.

The weather was breezy and bright ... and a bit of a suntan followed me home.
A dinner with Bert was the frosting on the cake.

The forth of July started with some weeding and dead-heading of roses in the park around the corner. We filled two huge bags with trimmings and weeds.

We had a party date for the evening and I found time before that to finish the table runner flimsy and baste it so I could begin quilting.

The party was in Medford with many of Marie's friends. This picture is with our hostess, Asako Shibata and the few remaining stragglers. We had a ride back to Boston that was a scenic route because many of the roads were closed and those opened were backed up with traffic. Our kind driver, standing behind Bert on the left, dropped Bert a block from home and delivered us to our door.

We heard fireworks now and then but Marie's friends were a far better entertainment.

Wednesday morning we set out with another of Marie's friends for a trip to the museum... This time to take in an exhibit of Botichelli and another by Mattise. Coming across this picture ... Hey, I know that one! Sure enough, it was on loan from the Cleveland Museum of Art where I grew up.

The exhibit was very interesting to me because it featured many collected items that have appeared often in his pictures.

Here I am with Marie's friend, Michael, standing next to a tall pillar of glass.

Michael met us for a tea break and instructed us to take in a few other exhibits while there.

That is an amazingly huge museum and I probably would have gotten lost trying to find the way out.

Yes, this is the place we came in.....

We ended up back at the garden, which was on our way home anyway. Marie did some needed watering and I took up a bit of trimming of the finished rose heads and a bit of weeding.

I have found a bit of time to work on the runner ... now basted and being quilted without a hoop. The dog is mostly done in-the-ditch and I am wondering what to do with the larger areas. I brought a piece of thinsulate from home and found a nice busy print for the backing.

Today will include Tai Chi in the park, a hair cut ... (Can't wait to get this hair out of my face) and a dinner date with another friend. I can't say I will ever suffer from boredom on this trip.


  1. Looks like a great trip so far. I've never been to Boston.

  2. Wow, so busy, and time to get some quilting done. I hope you do get to visit at least one quilting fabric shop.

  3. Loving your holiday, keep on enjoying.

  4. You are really packing in the fun and activity with your family.
    I need to get to Boston to see the museums and explore the area, I usually just drive by.
    Love seeing what you have been up to and you are looking good, a vacation is just what you needed.


  5. Every minute is wonderful! Precious time! Enjoy it!

  6. Wow - you make the most of every minute - such adventures!

  7. so glad you have fun .. and the weather is playing along too x

  8. It is lovely to read about all the interesting happenings on your trip. Lovely to know there is plenty to do and see.