Sunday, July 30, 2017

Portland activities

Just the day before I got to Portland, Ken was called away to fire duty. We did get in a few words with him but being in the middle of a vast forrest, the call was spotty at best.

Zia and Ryden drove with a friend all the way up from Grant's Pass so we could have time together.
The girls remembered Ryden's love for the zoo so off it was to check out the animals.

Ryden has grown so much since I last saw him. I think I heard more words from that little mouth in five minutes than what I heard from his papa in the first five years! They were not a toddler's chatter either but thoughtful commentary on his observations.

I like the way the zoo has activities that engage the kids.

There was a challenge with rewards ...

We also watched a puppet show about recycling.

My camera picked up this idea of a bingo game.

This might be something I could do for a cub scout event.

The later part of the day we went over to the Audubon Society.

We talked a while with the man holding this rescue falcon with a club-foot.
Much of the conversation about birds and the saving of spotted owls ... Zia's focus ...

Of course we went into the shop where I could pick up a new window cafe ... already in place on the street side of the house ...

and then there were several owl t-shirts that called to me to make a decision about ...

but the prize of the day was this gift from Zia .....

A very special birding book ...

Yes, there are birds in here that can be found as well in Japan,
but the greatest prize ...

Right on the back cover ... as well as inside ... Photographs taken by my talented DIL Zia!

How about that for the frosting on the cake!

(also haw sad that mr. trump has seen fit to terminate the job of such a needed expert in  environmental science)!


  1. You found all the things you love (except quilts) in that day, but it was sad the telephone line with Ken was so weak.

  2. The owl, what a photo to have, and a book to keep, and all those places that are now memories and photos. This holiday has been a superb time with family, and no matter the cleaning and sorting now you are home, it would have been worth all that and so much more.

  3. What a great photo of the owl! Yes, she is talented!

  4. Kids and the zoo, that is the best way to spend the day, you can't beat those smiles.
    Ryden reminds me of Nick with that smile, such a fun age.


  5. It is such fun to spend time at the zoo with the children. They are the best entertainment. And that bird book is extra special!!!!!

  6. Quality time with family, a great way to spend a holiday. Beautiful scenery, love the totem pole.

  7. Great adventures - and what a nice surprise in your new book. No comment on trump - he's not even worth mentioning.

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