Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Attention to detail

Here is a picture of a real Mola that has been in my collection for many years.  After assembling my pseudo-mola vest, I have begun to focus on the details and looked to this piece for inspiration.

The zig-zag lines are made with a single thread in a chain stitch. Those chains are really tiny with about eight links in a one centimetre length. The running stitches are done with two strands of thread and are three stitches to one cm. There are also tiny Y stitches in the neck area that I want to try. Those are with one thread and spaced about four per cm.

This is my attempt.

My stitches are about six per cm. and I doubt I can make them any smaller. (or feel a need to do so)

I am glad for my collection of needles that includes some S. Thomas & Sons that are short and fine but yet have an eye large enough to get the thread through easily.

Of course, I did not practice first but just jumped right in (and as usual, learning as I go).

I was able to find the hidden fabric and add a border of patchwork to the bottom edge of the back.

It still needs a bit of in-the-ditch quilting.

I decided that with the owl and turtle, I will stick to Native American designs.

Being originally from Ohio, I am preferring those designs from the Northeastern  Woodlands.

This area on either side of the turtle has been quilted with light blue thread.

I plan to fill the larger areas with this kind of quilting and then add detail as time allows. That way, I might even be able to call this a finish before long ... with maybe room for more creative embellishment as time goes on.

The pocket is yet to be assembled and added.  (But I still have a bit of time until "due date").

Last year at the quilt show, I received a spool of Coats "multicolor' hand quilting thread and I am eager to try that out at one point. I think it will work well on this navy background.

So, with the baby quilt on the way to it's new owner, I now have another warm item on my lap to work on. Pretty good timing for this cold blustery weather...


  1. I love your stitching, it is just right for the piece and the hand quilted flower is a beautiful touch to the piece.


  2. Wow! That is such a beautiful Mola. The embroidery stitches are really tiny!
    I hope you don' feel you have to make them as small as that.
    I think your designs are nice and will enhance the waistcoat a lot.

  3. Your vest will be so warm, and a necessary piece of clothing for those cold days. A pocket, so necessary.

  4. Such a work of art! Impressive that you do everything by hand.

  5. This is such a beautiful work of yours, Julie ! I'm in awe and I can't wait seeing your vest finished :D
    That mitli colored Coats quilting thread is the one I'm using right now to handquilt my "pyramids" (only on the dark Brown background) and it's working like a breeze, with a lovely result. You'll be happy with it, I know that !

    In stitches,

  6. Your vest is wonderful, looking forward to seeing the finished vest on you.

  7. WOW - just WOW!! Your mola is beautiful!! The stitching is exquisite - and your timing is pretty good to have something so fun to work on during the cold weather days - ;))

  8. Julie, you are so talented at hand quilting (among many other needlework skills you possess!) Your vest is turning out spectacularly! And the patchwork border is just perfect for it. Congratulations on your wonderful work ! Love and blessings, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  9. Julie, your Mola looks very nice and I thnk you are very talented :)
    I wish you a lovely day,

  10. The stitching is fascinating. Lovely to follow the process. I agree that there is no need to get the stitches any smaller. Lovely just as they are.