Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First finish of the year

Right on the edge, this was either to be the last quilt of 2017 or the first this year. I finished turning the binding yesterday, put a label on the back, and took it out to pose in the bright sunshine of a new day.

As you might notice, I decided to quilt a cable in the border as I think the edges of quilts ... especially for children, get heavier use than those just draped over a bed.

 The new year began with a project begun by my husband, a special New Years meal for the homeless.
I was worried that without his input, the project might be scrapped but, though the person in charge had been worried about the lack of members signing up to make it happen, not only did the project continue but there were plenty of people willing to lend their helping hands.
I am in my scout uniform because my cub pack contributed to the number of helpers. Washing dishes at my right side is Leia ... a chip off the old block. She was there bright and early with Mom Norie and Pop Hiro.

Norie brought flowers from her garden for me to arrange.
Pine ... Plum in the bud ... Jonquils ... Nandina ... Robai (Wintersweet).

There were also some gigantic needles from a pine donated by Norie's friend. I had never seen such a pine and could not find it in my tree book.

Can't say this is my best arrangement but the best I could do with what I had to work with.

We finished up around noon and took a family picture with the flowers moved to the church lobby before going off in different directions.

Being the "year of the dog", Wumpy, Leia's buddy, had to get into the picture.

Nikko was glad for my return ....

The heater goes on when mom is home, and though it doesn't heat the whole house, Nikko claims the spot that gets the first blast.

Here she sits, waiting for the magic word.

Most of the words she obeys are in english ... things like come, heel, sit, stay, down (or go lie down) off, NO!

But when the word is "wait", it means something good is coming. The magic word is "Itadakimasu" (I am about to partake ... said before taking your first bite).

This dog is hardly starving but perhaps she still remembers her early months in the wild. Any item remotely resembling food is high on her list of attention getters.

Happy Dog Year 
From me and Nikko


  1. The quilt came out beautifully and the edge will keep it more durable.
    I am glad the meal went well and such a wonderful thing to do in Paul's memory, to keep it going.


  2. Happy New Year Julie and Nikko. Your quilt is beautiful. Memories of Paul, so thrilled that his project is to continue.

  3. the quilt, a winner!!! Beautiful colours and the cable at the edge, super.Paul, his memory will endure always, and the tradition is testament to him, his values,and generosity. " Itadakimasu" I remember our Japanese student teaching me this word. A great start to 2018 for you and your family Julie, fondest greetings from a very warm place in NZ.

  4. WOW, you did it, Julie ! Congratulations, my friend :D
    The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, as well as your pictures...


  5. Your Baby quilt is just nice, Julie and efectvely, the borders will be stronger and more durable :)
    Happy New Year Julie and Nikko !!

  6. Congratulations on your first finish of the year! It's a quilt that will be loved, so yes, the borders do need to be strong.
    I am sure Paul was there with you and his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.

  7. Happy New Year! I agree that baby quilts need more quilting in them. Nice quilt! You have a great family, too! Hi Nikko! My large dog also thinks that he is starving all the time (at 120 lbs, and slightly overweight, he isn't even near starving).

  8. Lovely finish xx So glad the meal idea has continued .. wonderful legacy x My dogs have never starved ... but LOVE any food that comes their way .. intentionally or otherwise! lol x Very best wishes for the year of the Dog x

  9. Love your quilt!! It is so nice that Paul's memory lives on with the holiday meal for the homeless - it is a wonderful tribute to him that it continues. Happy Year of the Dog to you and Nikko - ;))

  10. A perfect finish to start off the new Year. And a lovely one, too.
    Lovely to see your special traditions continuing with the meal. And great to see so many helpers turn out.
    Nikko does know the warm spots in the house. Smart dog.

  11. Continuing Paul’s legacy... what a special thing. Good idea about borders. Gorgeous Nikko!

  12. Such a pretty baby quilt - lovely first finish for the year. So wonderful to see you with your family doing acts of kindness. Happy new year to you!