Monday, April 23, 2018

Examining the possibilities

Over the weekend, I dug out a few pieces of fabric that might read as solids and that I had enough of for a wide border. Except for the blue-gray, all are things that were "gifted" or donated to me from someone else's stash.

I decided to lay them out and post pictures, thinking of getting help in deciding what to do next.

This is the first fabric I tried.

I was thinking it might be a bit too busy, but it looks a lot better than I thought and contrasts nicely with the black.

I could get a fairly wide inner border and maybe add a narrow outer border, or a pieced outer border that included the left-over black.

This is a mottled green that is in a rather large amount.

It seems a bit dark and doesn't seem to pick out the colors in the pieced blocks, bit might work with a light inner border.

This looks a bit darker in the picture, but is actually a very light bright turquoise.  It might make a good inner border for one of the darker fabrics. I do have a large solid in a similar color.

This is a blueish gray I bought long ago for another project and later changed my mind. It has one of the longest lives in the stash pile and wants some air-time.

I think it goes OK but doesn't add much and might need help from some of the other selections.

This is the fabric I used in the center of the pieced blocks.

It would have been my first choice except that there is not enough to make more than a pieced one-inch strip.

If I did that, it wouldn't work with most of these other fabrics.

The flimsy is 59"x79".

A total border of five or six inches all around would put this at a useful size for a single bed.

As it is now, it would be fine for a futon.

When I look through quilting magazines, I find quite a variety of finished sizes. Maybe some re just intended to be hung on a wall or as a sofa throw, so it is hard to decide what the perfect size might be.

I suspect the quilter adjusts the size to accommodate the combination of blocks and borders to set it off. (which is basically the same thing I do). So ... this is how far the week has brought me.
Any suggestions or advice will be welcome. Meanwhile, I have a mending job to tackle while I mull it over. 


  1. I would add a thinner inner border in a bright solid, pink, yellow? and then #1 for the outer one. Love that fabric.!!!

    1. My stash in solids is mostly in the blues and browns. Most of what I got from friends are prints and hard to find uses for.

  2. Narrow 1" or so grey/blue inner border and then a wider border in the first mottled fabric you chose (though you may prefer the brighter turquoise . . Only my twopennorth!

    1. The grey does go pretty well with that first fabric and might work and help contain all those wild scraps.

  3. I like the first fabric (and Nancy's idea for a brighter narrow inner border), or the light turquoise. I love that color and the solid would help contain everything. Black in the binding would be a good idea. Whatever you come up with, it will be terrific!

  4. First fabric for outer border then is there enough fabric that you used in centers for a thin inner border? If so
    that's what I'd use.
    As far as quilt sizes I make what my fabric fits. I haven't bought any new yardage in yrs except a 1/4 yd here or there.
    I mainly make throws, cover ups, baby size quilts now with whatever is on hand. No award winners just sturdy pretty quilts made with love & prayers to keep the person warm.

    1. That might work. I once made a log cabin quilt for my daughter who found regular quilts too large for using on a futon where she slept. I noticed when I visited her that it was on a regular bed in her home ... and even slept under it a few times. This flimsy is already larger than that finished quilt ... though none of my kids in the states sleep on the floor any more.

  5. I like that blue fabric, it really does pull the colors together. I would use it as the inner border and maybe the blue green around it? I tend to go with black as a border, goes with everything, lol.


  6. Two suggestions.
    If I wanted the pieced blocks to be outstanding, I'd make a wider border with fabric #1.
    If I wanted the pieced blocks to 'bleed' into the border I'd use fabric #4, but I'd also add a very thin inner border and a binding in a contrasting fabric to liven it up.
    As for size, I'd make the quilt as large as the amount of border fabric allows and not think in terms of inches.
    Have fun!

  7. Adding a narrow border first would be lovely and I like all the fabrics you auditioned, it must be hard to choose.

  8. Your flimsy is BEAUTIFUL! And ss long as you're asking - I might as well add my two cents - LOL - ;))

    I would use the blue fabric that you used in the center of the blocks for the narrow inner border. Then for the outer wider border I like the mottled green the best - gives the eye a place to rest - or the first one if you think the mottled green is too "boring". We all know that whatever you finally choose will be perfect! - ;))

  9. Good to have some choices. Lots of different opinions, too.
    My thoughts are to use the grey along with one of the brighter fabrics as the inner border.
    I will watch to see what you decide.

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