Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Making adjustments

My quilting is going slowly and I am making adjustments in the layers as I go along. I'm glad I moved to a very large hoop but quilting blocks set on point makes it harder as I am not moving in just one direction. but on a diagonal. All is in-the-ditch quilting and dealing with seams that are ironed in all directions, some of which have flipped.

I considered taking it all apart and taking it to school for a few extra hands ... but ... the thought of carrying it that far and back on a very crowded sardine can, made me give up that idea.
Monday evening the passengers were very aggressive and I almost got knocked to the floor by first a young guy with a backpack shoving through, then a young lady pushing in the other direction. Two people got off at one stop and those two, being most aggressive, dived into those seats ("Silver Seats - reserved for the elderly and handicapped)

 Monday, my newly hatched silkworm babies went with me to school.

I took along a baggy of fresh leaves and a small paintbrush to lift them from one leaf to another.

I also took some tiny eggs and some old cocoons to show the children. One class was well prepared with magnifying glasses and had interesting questions to ask.

I was glad I could protect them on route and will take them back again for the children to observe.

Meanwhile I am keeping my eyes opened along the morning walks for a better supply of mulberry leaves. The four largest supply trees in my neighborhood have been cut down since last year. I am thinking that when in camp in June, I will try to find a few berries to plant.

The white cacti flowers are on their second day and there are more buds on it's neighboring cacti.

These little purple flowers only last one day

but those passing by may not know that as there are more waiting for tomorrow.

The azalea had only one flower this year. 

There is a considerable lack of sun here ... even on a day it is shining.

The hanging planters on the gate are adding a bit of color.

The flowers seem to be jumping pots as the purplish ones were all in a neighboring pot until last year.

The geranium just barely made it through the winter ...

... but the hen-and-chicks, overrunning it's pot,
seems to have made it through without a complaint.

And indoors, the flowers that came from my kids ... by way of Norie ... for Mother's day,

can be enjoyed without tending or weeding. They can even be moved around to be enjoyed wherever I want to sit.


  1. Flowers for Mother's Day, so full of love. Silver Seats, that is a super name, and I wonder when those younger ones get old, what will they think when they are deprived of a seat? What they do now might well have some long lasting repercussions. I always believe what you give is what you will receive, sometimes many years later.And not the same item or gift.

  2. Beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us. Sometimes one has to get out and enjoy nature and save the quilting for another day.

  3. Julie, Thank you for the lovely flower photos! They are gorgeous.
    Julie, do your subway trains have police officers or security guards on them? We are wondering that if you pointed out to the security guards that young able-bodied kids were taking up the silver seats, if they would ask the kids to move. This sad situation has been going on for a long time. Thinking of you and sending blessings and hugs, from Marina and Daryl Lynn