Monday, June 4, 2018

Yokohama Quilt Festival #2

One section of the show exhibited contest quilts. Here are a few of those in the "Traditional" category that attracted my attention.

Titled, "Bara no Kuni" Rose country,  made by Sanae Kobayashi

Made by Shigemi Furuta

"Hana" (Flowers) by Yasuko Goto

"Hana no Sonnet" by Yoshie Mizukoshi

by Fusa Nomura

Another flower theme quilt. This one by Yoshiko Taniguchi

"Flower Star" This is an amazing combination of different blocks, made by Toshiko Nakamura.

"Hana no Kazeguruma" or Flower Pinwheel, by Reiko Hatakeyama.

Another flower sampler, this one by Kayomi Tamai.

Spring symphony ... by Harumi Asada

"Hexagon no Naka de" (Inside the hexagon)  by Yoko Ozaki
Flowers seemed to be a big part of many "traditional" quilts.

Life has been getting busier and busier with only a few rows of quilting getting done from time to time.

On Sunday I will attend a special Court of Honor, to be held at the U.S. Ambassador's residence.

One of the Scouts receiving his Eagle rank is one of my former cub scouts, so I carved him a wooden eagle neckerchief slide to celebrate.

After writing a note to go with it, I looked around for a small box to put it in ...
but the last box I had went a week ago with a slide carved for my younger sister's grandson who had met the"Cubmaster's Challenge" by completing his final Arrow of Light award, doing every requirement in the book.

Then, I recalled some fabric that came to me from my Blogging friend, Cheryl. What better than a fancy pouch with scouting symbols to hold the gift? Thank You, friend!


  1. You are welcome! Thanks for the lovely quilt show!

    1. I am finding a variety of uses for bits of those fabrics, but I like this one best.

  2. More stunning quilts! Thank you.
    Great idea to make the bag for the wooden eagle. This may become your new way of packing them up.

  3. I hope the success of this show will encourage it to continue.
    I think the bag idea is going to be used again. Afraid I might forget to take it on the day, I have tied it to those things I set out for the event. I am not so good at last-minute things so this will be one less thing to have to remember.

  4. Another set of stunning quilts.
    I agree with the others - gift wrapping in a cloth bag is a great idea.

    1. For sending those eagles overseas, they might need lots of bubble-wrap, but Cheryl sent me a lot of Scout fabric and it doesn't get used up very quickly in I-Spy quilts.

  5. They are lovely quilts. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wish you could have been there. I'm so glad that show had returned to the calendar year. Hopefully they will add a few more days next year.